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    1. Yup, I'm home playing with the Valet and sneaking away to do laundry whenever he gets preoccupied.

  1. Nah, still working. Just distracted by discovering that today is a statutory holiday known as Family Day in some parts of Canada. Canada is fascinating.

    1. I explained to the kids this morning, still in my pajamas at 7:30, that there used to be two holidays, Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday but then they "lumped 'em" and now we have one holiday to honor all the past presidents.
      I just hypothesized that it was to prevent holiday explosion when FDR's birthday would become a holiday (Jan 30), but wikipedia directed me to this informative piece. Wikipedia further posits that the holiday's official designation varies by state (known wgom states):
      Minnie: Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday
      Sconnie: Not observed, Washington's Birthday still a federal holiday
      NoDak: Presidents' Day
      Tana: Lincoln's and Washington's Birthday
      Iowegia: Not observed, Washington's Birthday still a federal holiday
      Ill: Washington's Birthday (Lincoln's Birthday a separate holiday on Feb 12)
      Misery: Washington's Birthday (Lincoln's Birthday a separate holiday on Feb 12)
      Brasky: President's Day
      Tejas: Presidents' Day
      Zona: Lincoln/Washington/Presidents' Day
      Cali: Washington's Birthday (Lincoln's Birthday a separate holiday on Feb 12)
      Connie: Washington's Birthday (Lincoln's Birthday a separate holiday on Feb 12)
      Yorkie: Washington's Birthday (Lincoln's Birthday a separate holiday on Feb 12)
      Mary: President's Day

      Apologies if I've missed anybody, I can't recall any Sodakkers. I guessed "Montana" for bhiggs, and I can't remember where Greekhouse last checked in from, but FB says "Maryland".

      1. FWIW, here in Cali, the public schools celebrate both whatever last monday was and today with separate holidays, but the state gubmint only acknowledges Preznit Day.

        1. Sorry, Meat (and DG):
          Louie: Not observed, Washington's Birthday still a federal holiday. "Mardi Gras Day" falls on the day after this year.
          Newmie: Presidents' Day

          I don't remember Magoo leaving Tejas.

          1. Let me again remind everyone of the following conversation because it still cracks me up:

            Sheenie and I introducing Lincoln to his grandparents: Here's Lincoln.
            Sheenie's mom: Lincoln. [pauses, tries to think of something nice to say] That's an interesting name. I've never heard of anyone named Lincoln before.
            Me: You live in Louisiana.
            Sheenie's mom: [trying to figure that out. Has it slowly dawn on her] Oh.

            1. to be fair, there is a Lincoln ave in NOLA, granted it's barely 4 block long, and there's a Lincoln court that barely qualifies as a block long. Jeff Davis gets a parkway. Equal representation of the great leaders in the big easy.

          1. I did, but it was such a shit show that there was almost no chance to catch anything thrown. Craziest crowd I've ever seen.

  2. Boy, the weather folks here in StL were in a tizzy about this storm front. Not because it was (is) bad, but due to how quickly things changed over Saturday night. We are maybe shy 4" on the ground here, and a bit more coming down.

  3. The best part of having a day off with the wife is omelets for brunch, and not having to cook them.*

    *This comment has been rated G for general audiences.

  4. Maybe he wants to play. I've always maintained that Randy's "I'll play when I want to play" statement was misunderstood. I think what he was trying to say there was that his motivation comes from within and not from external sources. But, it came off a little differently than that.

    1. Moss is a very interesting fellow and the media clutching their pearls because of (most of) his "antics" always rubbed me the wrong way. The 30 for 30 about him was fantastic.

  5. In the Gophers men's basketball game, they attempted just one less FG than Indiana and 8 more FTs and lost by 19. That's insane. Indiana had 23 assists on 32 made FGs, including 18 3s. It was one of the best displays of passing and shooting I've seen in a long time at this level. One guy for Indiana that had made one 3 all year made two in the game.

  6. To any bakers: How do you get cookie to turn out right? The last 3 batches I have made have ended up being very dark (bordering on carbonized) on the bottom and barely done on top.

    1. Depends on the cookie, but it sounds like temp is too hot and/or cookie sheets are too close too the heat. My wife does the baking, but she removes snickerdoodles off the sheets immediately out of the oven. For chocolate chip, she lets it sit on the sheets for a little while.

    2. Questions:
      -What temperature is your oven set to?
      -Does your oven's temperature generally seem reliable when you bake other stuff in it? (Some run hot or cold; an oven thermometer can be helpful for determining this.)
      -Where in the oven is the rack located (bottom, middle, top)?

      When I bake cookies, I tend to put them on the bottom rack for the first half of the baking time and then move them up to the top rack for the second half. This helps ensure even baking.

      1. My oven seems to run a bit hot (I just moved into a new apartment 2 months ago, still getting used to the different oven. I dont have an oven thermometer ) so on my last attempt I scaled back from 350 degrees (as per directions) to 340ish. The oven has 4 rack slots and its current at the second lowest position.

        I dont do much baking so I dont know a lot of tricks, but I wanted to start making some healthier desserts like cookies (of course eaten in moderation!)

        1. Oven thermometers are so valuable. I don't think I've ever used an oven that was accurate. I've also never used a new oven.

    3. The Cookie sheet matters, too.
      We have a dark one with a bit of a lip that kills cookies in the fashion you describe (but I demand we keep it because it makes crunchy frozen pizza crusts).
      We also have some aluminum airbake sheets that cook way more evenly, but you almost need to add 25 degrees to the baking temp.
      But I rarely bake.

      1. Yes, very good point. How could I have forgotten such an important variable?! I avoid dark metal and any kind of nonstick and just go for basic light-colored metal. I like cookie sheets with a lip around the edge as a precaution to avoid accidentally dumping them on the floor. Oh, and I typically line the sheets with parchment paper. It's an extra thing to buy, but it makes cleanup sooooooo easy.

  7. El. Oh. El.

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