23 thoughts on “May 31, 2015: Soon”

  1. Just got back from Fury Road.


    Only issue I had was that I drive a stick, so I made a few aggressive moves when I first got in the road.

      1. I made a less than good decision on a tight turn on red right away So I had to jump on it pretty good. I drive a diesel, so when it ran a bit rich when I did that and I got some black or of the tailpipe. it wasn't flames, and I've only got 90 hp, but it was more awesome after coming out of that movie than it usually is. (I generally hate it when it happens. Has mileage and all.)

  2. Dr. Chop and I are in Newark en route home, and we are considerably less excited to be stuck in an airport than we were to be stuck on the train.

    I've already begun planning my return, and am truly lucky to have had made such good friends in Ireland. I worked extremely hard to revitalize the printshop's litho area, and after five years I'm happy to report that several members have taken up the medium. I'm proud of my work, and even more proud my friend's success with litho.

      1. Heh. Success in terms of a lasting use of the space, but no monetary gains to be seen evah. Although, I did sell two prints this trip, but then I turned around and bought a piece of art that set a new high bar for personal cost. In other words, this is an expensive hobby I have.

    1. O. M. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      Boarded the plane after 2 and half hour delay, got in line to tak off, turned back to the gate because mechanical issue, can't find an open gate, and now the locals are going to loose their shit. I'm exhausted.

        1. These developments remind me of the flight I had from DC to Minneapolis for a job interview. Long story short, it ended up with me getting a military discount on breakfast (despite my never being in the military) and getting a ride from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities with a deaf guy who drove very fast and didn't keep his hands on the wheel (because sign language conversations). I got the job. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't.

    1. I'm not trying to rub it in, but I had pints next to some of the ulster boyos last week. Okay, I'm rubbing it in.

      1. Being in a club hitting on girls, no matter how well it's going, WILL end poorly for you when the Leinster lads rock up.

        1. I'm sure. For as beat to shit as the boys were they were doing just fine in that deparent.

    2. I'll side with St. Joe's here because Notre Dame and the SJU coach's commitment to that beard.

        1. As was I. In fact, all the matches this afternoon were pretty good. Very good showcase for the game.

  3. I picked up a sixer of Lagunitas Czech pilsner on Friday and proceeded to drop the whole thing when i got home (there were two casualties). To honor their fallen brethren, I then went and got a sixer of their Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale. It's really, really good and a limited release. You should try it before its not released anymore.

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