12 thoughts on “June 28, 2015: If You’re Happy And You Know It…”

  1. The Twins have 3 players with double digit home runs and we are not even to July. cool!

  2. apropos of the thread the other day on teh Gay Marriage and associated stuff, I found this 2014 piece from the Paper of Record about divorce rates really interesting and worth a read.

    It’s far less likely that the decline in divorce rates reflects a statistical anomaly than that it reflects a fundamental shift in American family life.

    Other data point to the same conclusion. An alternative approach to measuring family change comes from asking people about their marital histories. Pollsters ask people if and when they’ve been through a divorce, which allows for a measure that relies on data entirely different from the divorce certificates. Reassuringly, this alternative measure also indicates that divorce has been declining over the past few decades.

    These marital histories also offer a useful way of disentangling the extent to which fewer divorces are the result of marriages becoming more stable, rather than simply reflecting fewer marriages. If marriages are becoming more stable, then couples married in recent years should be more likely to celebrate their 10th anniversary together than couples married in earlier decades. And indeed, 76 percent of people whose first marriages occurred in the early 1990s went on to celebrate their 10th anniversary, up from 73 percent for those married in the early 1980s, and 74 percent for those married in the early 1970s. Marriages have become more likely to endure, although they are not yet as stable as those that occurred in the 1960s.

  3. Weather map radar showed tornado debris cloud that had to have been just north of us (less than 1/2 mile). Now new one appears to be south and across the Missouri

          1. No, this was in addition to Squire. the piece I saw (on Yahoo) had Cocker's picture and everything. I just failed to read it or to recall that, you know, he was long dead.

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