29 thoughts on “July 27, 2015: Bloodline”

  1. First day at my new job today. Of course, I'm up and ready to go with about 45 to spare.

      1. All in all, really good, considering it was mostly first day stuff. Real work starts tomorrow.

  2. Woke up this morning to discover we have an infestation... of cats. At least 9 kittens were on our deck. We have no idea where they came from, and though they scattered upon seeing us, they slowly came back. I... am not sure what to do.

    My daughter is delighted.

    We are not cat people.

      1. The lady across the street has a lot of cats, I think. I might go knock on her door first, to determine if that's the source? I've met her exactly one time, so... "hey, are these your cats?" is kind of an awkward second time, but I'll do what I gotta.

    1. Give them to the Wreisners. One of those twisted people actually like cats.

  3. I did not see the band "Hairball" on Saturday night. Rain was threatening (they started fireworks 15 minutes early), and the whole day just turned out differently than originally planned, so it really wasn't in the cards.
    I am not disappointed.

    1. Seeing a reference to "Hairball" in the LTE following the discussion about kittens struck me as amusing.

  4. Standings update!
    Games relative to ALWC2:

    KCR +7.5
    NYY +3.5
    LAA +3.0
    HOU +2.0
    MIN 0 (WC2)
    TOR -3.0 (At .500)
    BAL -3.5
    TBR -4.0
    DET -4.0
    TEX -4.5
    CWS -5.0

  5. Ben Mendelsohn is terrific in that, Spooky. The series also captures that unique vibe that exists only in the Florida Keys.

      1. Also, don't start the third to last episode until you have time to dive head first into the breach.

    1. Ooh, that's the one with Coach Taylor in it. I've been meaning to watch that just for him.

      1. That's unfortunate? I hadn't heard it was depressing, but anything's going to be more thoughtful than the Downey, Jr. versions.

  6. Did anyone see on the Twitters that Smokestack is apparently a birther?

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