39 thoughts on “Game 107: Twins Magic Number”

  1. Coming into this game, Donaldson had 104 career plate appearances against the Twins. His slash line is: .380/.452/.707/1.158

    ye gads

  2. Provus: "Through two innings these two teams have combined for nine runs on nine hits."

    Well, I guess that's one way to look at it.

  3. Awfully quick hook for Duffey. I know, six runs in two innings, but still, I'd like to have seen him given a longer chance to get his feet on the ground.

  4. Atteberry: "The Twins exploded for three runs in the first."

    You know you're not scoring much when three runs is an "explosion".

        1. The end of bath time for C lines up nicely with games that start at reasonable times so we let him watch two pitches to distract him to put on a shirt. I wasn't paying attention to the count so today's second pitch was Duensing's four-pitch walk. While carrying him to his room, C waved goodbye* to Duensing. If only it was actually true.

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  5. Hendriks more proof that any failed starter must be tried as a reliever before giving up on them.

  6. If either one of Dozier's rockets off his bat fell in for a hit, this game might have been completely different. Oh well. As crazy as it sounds, I'm real excited for Duffey's next start. He showed better stuff than I thought he had. Makes me kind of wonder why he didn't have more strikeouts in the minors. Fortunately, he won't have to pitch to the Jays at their field anymore. They've got an .833 OPS at home before tonight's game. That's basically facing an entire lineup of Doziers.

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