2016 Game 8: Hosers at Twins

Well, this has been worthless so far. For eight years I wanted to get back home, and now that I'm here I'm still waiting for the Twins to win a single regular season game. They're still at home, so I guess that's cool, although they face Carlos Rodon, who Fangraphs and B-R and everyone seems to agree is about to break out in a big way (he struck out a ton in the minors).

Phil Hughes goes for the Twins, and will probably throw two or three balls and ninety strikes. I keep sitting here trying to come up with new ways to beg for a win, but I'll just try to bow out gracefully and whisper that I would, indeed, like one. Let's do this, Twins.

56 thoughts on “2016 Game 8: Hosers at Twins”

  1. I hate these uniforms so that means they have to become some sort of good luck symbol.

  2. I wanna say that was some mighty fine wiggling, but I don't think it counts when you strike a couple guys out.

  3. ugh, the fucking bunt. I know that the old school is a school, but I fucking hate the bunt. And I hate the "a drive to deep right field" call dick.

  4. More than zero runs will be required to win this game. I was kind of hoping for a shootout at the end.

  5. Is there a German word for hitting a grand slam after they intentionally walk the bases loaded for you?

  6. Looked very much like a rookie at-bat. Park could've at least got a right-handed bat in there.

  7. So, I'm going to go upstairs and watch netflix and mentally prepare to have my knee sliced open tomorrow. I'll see y'all on the flip side.

        1. Good luck. I'm sure getting the stabbing fragment out of there will be great in the long run.

  8. And that'll do it. I feel sorry for the starting pitching. I never imagined I'd say that at the beginning of this season.

    1. Must suck to be the Braves then. They're also 0-8 but they can't blame no-hitting themselves on the futility.

      1. They're 18th. Their pitchers are 3rd highest in average, 2nd in OBP, and sixth in SLG.

    2. That's bad, of course, but it's really just a symptom of poor hitting generally. When you only get six or seven hits a game (or, as last night, four), it's not likely that very many are going to come with runners in scoring position.

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