April 13 – Golden State

I'm writing this to try to remind myself to watch the Golden State game tonight. 1) I always enjoy watching sporting history. 2) Being a Pacers fan in the 90s, I absolutely hated Jordan et al, as I blame them for Indiana's lack of titles (though Indiana was the only team to beat the '96 Bulls twice that season).

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  1. Lots of minor league day games today. Chattanooga plays at 10:15 this morning (Central time), Cedar Rapids starts at 11:00, and Rochester begins at 12:35. Enjoy some minor league baseball!

  2. Off to Bergen Norway today. Look for pics on book of face.

    I have game log on Tuesday when I will be in the air back to the U S of A. I should be able to use my hotel wi fi to do the game log but I may send a note if it looks problematic.

      1. Hey, Rhu-Ru, sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, but this week isn't going to work for me. Keep me posted next time you're in the Big "O" and we'll get together then.

  3. As a fellow Hoosier kid, I share your hate of the 90s Bulls teams. I could never appreciate their greatness as a team or individuals, so I'll definitely be rooting for the Warriors to get the record tonight.

    1. I have found that as I grow older, I tend to appreciate those teams more. I hated the A's that always beat the Twins, but now I appreciate their legacy. I also like the 98 Yankees now, too.

      I was a Jazz fan in the 90's and always wanted them to beat the Bulls. But eh, it's good.

      1. I'm the same way, outside of the Yankees. Not sure I'll ever be able to appreciate those teams.

        I also really disliked the Celtics since they also seemed to beat the perennially 7th/8th seeded Pacers in the first round.

        1. Seeing a smiling Red Auerbach chewing on a stogey while the Celtics stole another high draft pick didn't help me at all. I was a Magic fan so followed the Lakers back in the glory years.

    2. I lived in Illinois 1993-2000, and in the greater LA Lakers media market 1988-93. I was blessed with cable access to a lot of great basketball.

      When MJ more-or-less bought into the Triangle concepts, it was a beautiful thing. They moved the ball on offense and got lots of easy shots. They also played great, great defense. And you gotta love an organization that could turn Luc Longley, among others, into an important cog to championship teams.

  4. Got an email from the Sturgill Simpson store that my pre-order LP has shipped. Super excited, I'll have to temporarily dig out the turntable.

      1. I've listened a few times and love love loved it, but I've been holding off on listening too much before the album gets here so it's still pretty fresh.

        1. And confirmation sent. I'm flying that pirate flag out side my house as soon as it arrives.

  5. Seen in the yard this morning: white breasted nuthatch, northern flicker, downy and hairy woodpeckers, house finch. Plus robins, juncos, sparrows. Nothing so rare, but the kids are having fun. These are good days.

    1. Saw my FOY* Yellow-bellied Sapsucker during a lunch walk in downtown Minneapolis just now...

      *FOY = "First of Year"

      1. Reasonably certain I saw a Northern Harrier while in southern MN last week. That's my only notable sighting.
        I'm surprised to still be seeing the Juncos hanging around.

        1. Harrier is quite likely. Flying low over grass or marsh, I assume.

          Juncos are most commonly seen in the Twin Cities in the first two weeks of April (either they're just more visible, or birds that have migrated from more southerly wintering grounds have made it to here).
          They'll be 90% gone by the first week of May. The American Tree Sparrow ("Winter Chippy" after its similarity to the Chipping Sparrow) has almost the same pattern, though they're pretty flatly visible all winter (they don't go all the way to the South in winter).

          Getting lots of Fox and Song Sparrows, both Kinglets, and Hermit Thrushes.
          So few ducks around anymore... 🙁

          1. Low glide over a farm field, white rump.

            We get Juncos all winter below our feeders. As you say, I suppose these could be migrators.

            1. That's a Harrier. Was it gray above/white below (adult male) or brown (female or first-spring male)?

              Have you noticed a few more Juncos than the rest of the winter?
              I have around here.

          2. Two FOY Winter Wrens this afternoon. Never an easy bird to see, missed them completely last spring, but saw a couple dozen in the fall.
            Also ten or so Pied-billed Grebes hanging out above the dam, and Northern Flickers everywhere!

  6. Junior was the starting pitcher for the Newmark Mariners last night and gave up 2 runs (1 earned) on 3 hits and 3 walks with 3 strikeouts in 4 innings. One of the runs scored when a ground ball to the shortstop took a bad hop and bounced over his head for a two-out RBI single. Junior also struck out and grounded out in his 2 at-bats. He reached his pitch limit with the game tied 2-2. The Mariners went on to lose 4-3.

    1. I wrote this one Monday morning and scheduled it two days out for 6AM. I didn't see your draft at the time, but I might have missed it. Sorry.

      1. Ah, that makes more sense. I write most of them the night before, and always schedule them at 5. I was just afraid it wasn't showing up and we had some kind of gremlin hanging around.

        1. I usually don't bother pre-writing CoC's, just if it's getting on in the day and one hasn't showed up. But I really wanted a reminder about the GSW game tonight, so I did it early.

          1. Conflarnit! The west coast needs to move their games two hours earlier. I want to watch, but I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake that long.

    1. I really really hate the "do you get it?" gimmick that the article was dead set on jamming down my throat, but that was pretty interesting.

        1. Ah, that is a glorious article. I generally try to avoid Deadspin, but they do occasionally come up with some entertaining reading.

        2. I find myself being less and less entertained by the guy (the funbag is awful and the jambaroo is fine in the parts not about football), but that was a solid piece.

    1. Or, alternatively, perhaps the Twins weren't as concerned about it as they should have been.

      1. The decision to mostly stand pat on the bullpen looks worse by the day. They better hope some of the kids in the minors put it together and are ready in May/June.

        1. The Twins haven't been "standing pat" with the bullpen. They just didn't do it just in the offseason. The only current members of the pen that were in the bullpen on Opening Day of '15 are Fien and Perkins. And I would say Jepsen, May, Pressly, Abad and Tonkin are upgrades over Boyer, Thompson, Duensing, Graham and Stauffer.

            1. Indeed. Jepsen hasn't been great so far this year, but that wasn't easy to predict. I picked him up in fantasy league drafts assuming Perkins would break down at some point. I almost dropped him, but I think it'll turn around.

            2. Certainly, an argument can be made that the Twins didn't do enough, but to upgrade outside of the organization would mean a free agent signing or a trade. We know the Twins history on trading for relievers is spotty at best and you risk another Capps trade or worse (I'm looking at you, Hoey!), and in free agency, if you want a decent upgrade, you usually have to give aging relievers a 3-year deal. The Royals signed Soria for 3 years, $25M and he's 32 with a history of arm injuries. So far, the Twins' current bullpen is striking out batters at the best rate in team history and they've got a ton of big arms in the minors on the way.

              1. I agree with what you're saying - the current pen is is better than they started with last year and I would definitely prefer to wait on some of the big arms in the minors to develop vs. trading for a reliever based on the team's track record. It was just odd to see the team talk so much about upgrading the bullpen being their top priority this offseason only to end up with Abad.

          1. It could also be pointed out that so far (SSS, obviously), their worst relievers have been Perkins, Jepsen, May, and Fien. Of those, Fien is the only one who could reasonably have been considered a concern in the off-season.

    1. Well, based on my past experience of looking for jobs, the one thing that's not hard to find is a job working in sales, especially if you're willing to work on commission.

      1. Based on my current experience of looking for jobs, computers don't much like me, but real people looking at cover letters and resumes do. (Sorry, topic switch. Just a weird quirk I think I've noticed, and am not sure how to adjust for.)

          1. Yes, but most desks, computer hutches and computer tables are biased against tall people. #structuralheightism

    2. I worked on the Best Buy account for my company a couple jobs ago and saw the weekly sales data, there were definitely some slow weeks for our category this time of the year through the summer.

      1. For sure, but this store is much slower than the last one, and I think the busy time of year might not be busy enough for my liking.

  7. The wife brought home barkTHINS from the airport from trip to CHI-town. Don't get them. They are nasty. Dark chocolate. With pretzel. And sea salt.

  8. I think the warriors are trying to see f they can win a game b only shooting threes.

          1. It's gonna be so weird when the Wolves make the correct decision and actually hire Thibedou while a different non-Knick team makes a boneheaded decision.

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