Game 30: twins @ white sox

Well, that was a fun week...

The 1-4 record (in which our opponents  outscored us by 17 runs) was bad enough, but between Pohlad's comments ('don't blame us! blame this ragtag crew we've assembled!') and the rampant shuffling of deck chairs, it would be easy to lose faith.

That's not what we're going to do, though. The team is on pace for 117 losses, but I don't think this is one of the  worst teams in modern baseball history, so pretty soon, we'll see #itshappening everywhere, and we will have to remind ourselves that no... it's not happening yet. Soon, though. Probably. I'm sure there will be a winning streak around the bend somewhere.

It probably won't start today, though.

Chris Sale is back to his usual tricks this season. His usual trick being that he's one of the best pitchers in the game. He isn't striking out quite as many people this year, but I'll bet that we can help him with that. I know we owned him last year, but if we keep our expectations low, we can be mildly cheered when we scrap together a run on three hits and a walk in the second inning before leaving the bases loaded.

Santana's back, though!

Fearless prediction: the winning streak starts Monday against the Orioles, and the Twins lose 4-1 today while striking out 14 times.

Twins on Leaderboards!

OBP - Mauer - 1st (.433)
Slugging % - Park - 6th (.598)
OPS - Park - 10th (.942)
Home Runs - Park - t-5th (7)
Walks - Mauer - 2nd (22)
Walks - Sano - 7th (18)
Strikeouts - Sano - 2nd (41)
Stolen Bases - Santana & Núñez - t-5th (5)
Singles - Mauer - t-9th (24)
Adjusted OPS+ - Park - 10th (158)
Times on Base - Mauer - 2nd (55)
Hit By Pitch - Núñez - t-7th (3)
Hit By Pitch - Park - t-10th (2)
Sacrifice Bunts - Murphy & Rosario - t-1st (2)*
Sac Flies - Suzuki - t-7th (2)
Intentional Walks - Mauer - 1st (5)
Intentional Walks - Rosario & Escobar - t-10th (1)
Caught Stealing - Santana - t-1st (4)
Caught Stealing - Núñez - t-9th (2)*
AB/SO - Mauer - 8th (8.6)
AB/HR - Park - 1st (11.7)

  • Two.  The league lead is two. We have two players with two. Only the Angels have our 8 sac bunts on the year beaten. The Angels are also a below average offense. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE COINCIDENTAL. (nsfw)
  • Crazy stat: the Red Sox are 24 for 26 in stolen base attempts this year. THAT is effective base thievery.

BB/9 - Nolasco - 3rd (1.174)
Games Played - May - t-3rd (15)
Games Played - Pressly, Abad, & Fien - t-8th (14)
Innings Pitched - Nolasco - 10th (38.1)
Games Started - Hughes & Nolasco - t-3rd (6)
Complete Games - Hughes - t-1st (1)*
Hits Allowed - Nolasco - t-8th (39)
K/BB - Nolasco - 2nd (6.8)*
Losses - Hughes - t-1st (5)
Earned Runs - Hughes - t-4th (21)
Earned Runs - Nolasco - t-9th (20)
Wild Pitches - May - 1st (5)*
Wild Pitches - Milone - t-4th (3)

  • Fun Fact: Hughes is tied for 47th place on the active list with five complete games. In 1978, five complete games would've put him in a tie for 47th place in the American League in complete games.
  • That Hughes isn't on this list is very concerning, as it's basically the only thing that makes him a good pitcher (you know, when he is good).
  • I wonder what's the latest in a season that a reliever has led the league in this stat?

17 thoughts on “Game 30: twins @ white sox”

  1. The emergency catcher really ought to be Maestro, not someone who might actually be a good player.

    1. I have no idea whether it's affecting the outcome of the game, but I really dislike that. The strike zone should be the same in the ninth inning as it is in the first inning. It's another reason I look forward to the day when we call balls and strikes with technology.

  2. I get it that the home fans are going to not like it, but the really loud and vicious boos after Abreu got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded seemed a bit over the top.

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