2016 Game 37(!?) – Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

Halfway through a six game road trip, the Twins take their first trip of the year to Motown. Finally stringing together 2 road wins for the first time this year (hell, two wins in a row anywhere this is relatively impressive), they look to keep the momentum going against a Tigers team that's also no great shakes. Of course, they swept the Twins in Minnesota a couple weeks back, so I should probably stop flapping my gums.

Making it 3 in a row will be no easy task as the Twins will have to go through Jordan Zimmerman to do it. Other than some tough assignments against Hamels and Scherzer, Zimmerman has been outstanding this year. Twins will send out Berrios, who can hopefully put together a few more pieces at the major league level.

Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers

(10-26)                                          (16-21)
Comerica Park
2100 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan
7:10 PM ET

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Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Mauer, 1B
2. Núñez, SS
3. Sano, RF
4. Plouffe!, 3B
5. Park, DH
6. Dozier, 2B
7. Rosario, LF
8. Suzuki, C
9. Santana, CF

Detroit Tigers Starting Lineup
1. Kinsler, 2B
2. Martínez, RF
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martínez, DH
5. Castellanos, 3B
6. Upton, LF
7. Maybin, CF
8. Saltalamacchia, C
9. Iglesias, SS

Probable Starting Pitchers
Jose Orlando Berrios
1-1, 6.28
Jordan M. Zimmermann
5-2, 1.50

Go Twins!

71 thoughts on “2016 Game 37(!?) – Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers”

  1. I believe last night someone asked if winning streaks are allowed. That question appears to have been answered.

  2. This game is like waking up with the girl you brought home from the bar the night before. It got ugly fast.

  3. I also have to say that this gamelog qualifies as one of my favorite of the season. It contains a quality simpsons gif, and a hang in there kitten, and sparkles. How can this go wrong?

      1. On MLB.tv they didn't cut away to commercial until Ausmus called the ump every 4 letter word in the book, loudly. It was great.

        1. I just saw a clip on twitter. wow

          also, before you rant against the ump's face, you might want to ditch the stupidly large pile of chaw that in your mouth.

  4. On the stovetop tonight: Maque Choux. We had some left over crawfish tails that make for a nice addition to this cajun creamed corn dish.

    Bells Two Hearted ale to go along.

    1. Bells Two Hearted ale to go along.

      I missed this obvious bS signal last night. Mmm, Two-Hearted Ale!

      1. One of my proudest moments was convincing a guy at a bar in O'Hare to get a two hearted. My argument was that it's one of the great IPAs of the world.

  5. Well how about that? I like it when it's the other team screwing up for once.

  6. Sorry about that. I just turned on the TV in time to watch the Tigers take the lead.

  7. Mauer with zero hits today brings him down to .279. He has nine hits, five walks, and ten strikeouts this month (47 PAs).

  8. I know this is preaching to the choir, but I couldn't help pointing this out.

    Dean: 5.1 innings, 2 runs. Loser.
    Berrios: 0.2 innings, 7 runs. No decision.
    Zimmerman: 7 innings, 8 runs (7 earned). Winner.

  9. One positive is that, while obviously no one was happy with Berrios' game last night, I haven't heard anyone from the Twins who sounded overly down on him about it, either. I didn't hear any suggestions that he's not ready yet or that he needs to go back to Rochester for more seasoning. I found that a hopeful sign.

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