May 21, 2016: Laziness

It's five minutes to noon, and no one has put on a new cup.  The weather outside is just perfect.  All in all, it looks like a lazy Saturday.*

That reminds me, I finally got around to registering for the MS 150 this morning.  If you're interested in helping me raise some money to continue to fund research to fight MS, my donation page is here.

*If spooky is working today, I hope he counts the number of tumblewoods that blow past.

17 thoughts on “May 21, 2016: Laziness”

  1. I was fortunate enough to get tickets to see the sturg. I'm totes excited, but it's in a Theater with assigned seating and we're in the balcony. Dr. Chop may get to see something if everyone isn't standing though, so that's a plus.

  2. And the records manager at my institution tells me yesterday that they're offloading a pile of 4 drawer legal sized file cabinets. He says casually that he's taking one home to convert it into a smoker. It was as though I'd been living in darkness, and then he switched on the light.

    1. My grandfather had an old refrigerator that he'd converted into a smoker. Thanks for making me think of that. Good memories.

  3. Adam Brett Walker II has three home runs for Rochester tonight. The report I saw said he was the first Rochester player to do that since 1990. It's only the fifth inning, so he'll get at least one chance to hit a fourth.

    1. And in fact, as the Red Wings nearly batted around in the fifth, Walker II will get two chances for a fourth home run unless he doesn't play the full nine innings for some reason.

      1. He struck out in the sixth. Again, assuming he plays all nine innings, he'll get one more chance for a fourth homer. Of course, even if he doesn't get it, three home runs is a pretty good day.

        1. And he struck out to end the eighth. Unless the Red Wings bat around in the ninth, it looks like Walker II will end the day three for five with three home runs and two strikeouts.

  4. Fort Myers wins with a Miracle finish, scoring four in the bottom of the ninth to win 9-8.

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