22 thoughts on “July 24, 2016. It’s Sunday!”

  1. So today's sermon began with a discussion of baseball in 1998. The pastor brought up McGwire and Sosa, first talking about their impressive numbers of home runs and then talking about how they later admitted to or were implicated of using PEDs (and thus being "cheaters"). He noted that neither McGwire's nor Sosa's team did particularly well that season. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees were presented as a contrast--lacking any real individual stars, they were not "cheaters" and instead focused on succeeding as a team and had an amazing record of wins in both the regular season and the postseason. I don't know enough to know for sure, but I'm a bit dubious that it is really quite this clear cut.

    But it made for a nice metaphor about working together, at least. The reading was 1 Corinthians 21-26. (It might have started slightly earlier than verse 21 . . . I'm going by memory.)

    1. Jeter's 7.5 rWAR begs to differ on the individual stars part. Paul O'Neill, Scott Brosius, and Bernie Williams also quibble a bit with their 5+ rWAR each.

      I get his point but the Angels in 2002 might be a better example. Sure they didn't win 114 games but they were more balanced and their best free agent (e.g. "bought" talent) was Scott Spiezio's 2.5 rWAR. Plus they had David Eckstein and his 5.2 rWAR!!

    2. That 1998 team had Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte, and Darryl Strawberry. I'm not sure that's the best example of a team that was sparkly clean.

            1. Yes, it was. As I recall, McGwire did not even particularly try to hide his use of it at the time.

    3. And our baseball-themed sermon series wrapped up with a Field of Dreams tie-in. It was particularly cool to have Busch Stadium projected across the front of the church with the environmental projectors.

  2. Saw ST: Beyond with the Boy yesterday. We were suitably entertained. And the key part of the concluding act (not the final defeat of the villain, but what comes before) was LOL funny, in an intended way.

    and then I read Kathrine Trendacosta's lukewarm review . My response is well captured by this comment from user AirTrafficAJ

    I'm trying to remember the last time Kathrine Trendacosta was happy with anything. She needs to replace her file photo with one of the goth kids from South Park.

  3. No game log today? I mean, whatever, but hey!

    I was reading an e-book and listening to the game, but didn't feel much need to run any commentary. The Twins at least tried to make it a game.

  4. so, a friend of mine in Chicago took his (~8 or 9? year old) daughter to a vinyl record shop for the very first time. One of his purchases was The Hillside Singers' album, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing.

    Why am I telling you this? Because Irony.

    the Hillside Singers were a "group" formed explicitly to sing the Coca-Cola jingle for a commercial. Yes, the iconic song that pairs with the famous tagline, "It's The Real Thing" was essentially a fake.

        1. They were brought together as a marketing scheme by California Raisin Producers.
          Still, they starred in one of my all-time favorite TV Christmas specials. Because what says Christmas more than gluttonous dinosaurs in tuxedos?

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