August 7, 2016: Slackers

Yesterday we had a team of just four all day in my department, and two of those guys called in sick. One was on his last day, and the other was on the last day before his vacation. I'm sure coming in to work would have been too much in their fragile states.

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  1. Back in H'istan after a long day of travel yesterday. Last nite, the dude in the customs windows say's: Have you ever lived in Atlanta? I said no, but this is the fourth time I have been asked this over the last 10 years. Must be something in their database with my demographics. A bad-o.

    1. Are you not a global entry member? I was contemplating it, and may force my employer to cover the costs as I have some work travel coming up. That may help clear your name off of whatever list you've ended up on.... or you might just disappear.

  2. Haven't seen this mentioned around here.
    Having given it almost no thought, I wonder what will be the thing he's most remembered for - PED's, $250M+ contracts, performance?

    1. The answer changes with time. I will remember him for being under rated most of his career and moving to third base to accommodate a bad fielding shortstop.

    2. and then become a special adviser and instructor with the team.

      I'm sure he's got some great advice to give young players.

    3. I think it will be the PEDs. From the moment he signed his first huge contract, he was unpopular with a lot of the media, and that filtered down to the fans. Then he went to the Yankees and first Joe Torre and then Joe Girardi made him the scapegoat for every Yankees post-season loss. The PED thing then made him a bad guy forever. I don't think it's fair, but then nowhere is it written that life is always fair.

  3. After Alex Rodriguez retires on Friday, there will be no more MLB players that played before the 1994-95 work stoppage.

  4. As you may have heard Trevor Plouffe has been activated from the disables list and Byron Buxton sent to AAA. I guess I'm okay with that, mainly because there are only four weeks left in the minor league season and I'm sure he'll be a September callup. I imagine the original plan was to send Polanco back when Plouffe got healthy, but it's pretty hard to send him back to AAA when he's hitting .305, even if it is just 59 at-bats. I don't know that it'll help Buxton much to spend four weeks in AAA, but I don't know that it'll hurt him much, either.

      1. Yea, I hope he gets his stuff together at the plate so that he can stick with the big club after September call-ups. We need him to be great.

        1. Even if he's just an average offensive player, he'll be a valuable player based on his defense.

      2. If they've told him something specific to work on, then I think it's possible four weeks at AAA could help. If they've just told him to get regular at-bats, or said something generic like "cut down on strikeouts", then I doubt that it will. But again, it probably won't hurt, either.

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