14 thoughts on “February 25, 2017: Getting exercised”

    1. When it does finally finish, it'll be a 12 minute drive from us. Too bad the Twins aren't still affiliated. I'll get to watch Rockies players instead.

  1. Twins reliever Buddy Boshers made 37 outings last season in the majors but he still heard his name mispronounced by the new public-address announcer at Hammond Stadium for Friday’s opener.

    Rather than “Bo-SHEARS,” as it’s properly pronounced, Boshers was introduced as “BOSH-ers.” Maybe the confusion was due to Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher’s recent appearance in the Super Bowl.

    “That’s all right; I’m used to it,” Boshers said. “When I was in high school, the PA guy in Hoover, Ala., called me Bubby Boo-SHAY. The next time I came up, he fixed it and called me Bobby Bashers.”

        1. If Brennan Boesch ("Bosh") had been a more notable player, it'd be even worse.
          "ROEsh" (like "rose" with a lisp) gets about 90% of the first attempts.

            1. That's be close enough.
              It's clearly been anglicized a bit, just not in the easy way.

              I've mentioned before that my mother's maiden name is Mueller, pronounced "Miller".
              Some of my cousins, her brothers' sons, go by that pronunciation.
              Other cousins (the ones that played hockey) gave up early on in their lives and go by "Myuller"... like someone who cares for mules.

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