42 thoughts on “2017 Game 13: Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins”

  1. Provus said it was a good decision to hold Sano at third, and I have no basis to argue with him. But it sure is frustrating to get three hits in an inning and not score.

  2. I suspect all these runners left on base are going to come back to haunt us in this game. But on the other hand, I guess it's better than not getting runners on base at all.

    1. It looks like they need to be more patient. I think you're right though; so far this has the feel of being a missed opportunity game.

      1. No but it sounds like Palka has been crushing the ball. With the Twins wasting so many well-pitched games, that could really force a decision to go to a smaller bullpen.

  3. I wish Dazzle could be the official scorer for a few games. He might find out it's not quite as easy as it looks.

  4. Gladsman: If it's Wong, it will be a hit.

    (Sounds of silence)
    It's an error.

        1. You know what bothers me most?* Joe with a chance, at least, to keep the inning alive, but instead flying weakly to center and feeding the narrative of the idiot-masses.

          *actually, what bothers me most is the Gibby-nibbling. Guy drives me bonkers.

    1. Offense was stymied again but the guys who have been struggling the most had the best games (or didn't have an at-bat). What hurt was the Twins had 6 hits in 7 PAs and got 1 run out of it. Of course, the 1 out ended the first inning. Mauer and Rosario will be fine if they continue as they have so far. Both have very low BABIP. Buxton is the one that is concerning, but he is a notorious slow starter. Hopefully, he'll remember what brought success in September last year.

          1. Nothing wrong with optimism, especially in the first month of the season. If things go as many expect, we'll have plenty of time for pessimism later.

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