Game 36: Rockies at Twins (Day Game)

Marquez v. Santana

Potential for a long day of baseball - fine by me.

26th man for the day will be Drew Rucinski.

Was glad to see Mike Redmond back in the dugout - love that guy.

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Cheaptoy's Gem of an Intro:

DOUBLEHEADER ALERT! I figure one game log can serve both easily enough.

Game 1: German Marquez (1-2, 4.88 ERA, 3.37 FIP) vs. Ervin Santana (6-1, 1.50 ERA, 4.19 FIP)

Game 2: Tyler Chatwood (3-5, 5.25 ERA, 5.31 FIP) vs. Jose Berrios (1-0, 1.17 ERA, 2.78 FIP)

The Twins definitely have the best combination of starters ready to go for today's day-night doubleheader with Santana and Berrios. Despite the crowded bullpen, not all of those guys are very good so having at least one of the starters go deep into their game will be a big help. The Twins also could really use some good starting pitching after getting a couple of craptacular starts in a row. I think we all knew pitching would be a weakness for this squad, and while maybe it isn't totally dire (Duffey, Breslow, Rodgers and Kintzler look to be mostly bright spots in the bullpen while the starters appear to be about 60% competent) we were pretty much correct as the Twins have accumulated -2.3 WAR from the pitchers so far this year, most of which can be attributed to the bullpen.

Fortunately, the new administration looks to be much more willing to make a change when it's needed. Under Terry Ryan 2.0, I would have expected another few starts being given to Gibson before a move was considered. It will be interesting to see what they do with Phil Hughes, who quite frankly looks like he's at the end of his career. He hasn't been good since his first year here and injuries look to have drained his velocity.

As for the games today, Santana rebounded incredibly well in his last outing coming off of his only bad start of the season to date. While I know he'll have bad games here and there the rest of the way, he looks locked in on the mound and gives the team that top of the rotation guy who can come in after a couple losses and give the team a good chance to keep moving forward.

Jose Berrios had a heck of a 2017 dayview that I wish had happened the first week of the season. But, can't change that. Hopefully he can build on that first outing and keep his confidence up on his way to mowing down some Rockies hitters. I haven't seen a ton of him over his young career, but he looks to be one of those guys that is a lot of fun to watch when he's rolling.

First game is at noon and the second is at 7.

35 thoughts on “Game 36: Rockies at Twins (Day Game)”

  1. I wouldn't mind a one game trial of a three man booth with Bremer Torii and Hawkins.

  2. Dawwww, I put a lot of work into my game log.

    Ah well, I suppose it can be used for the night game.

    1. My bad - didn't mean to step on your call (I, obviously, did not put "a lot" of work into mine).

      1. No worries. Honestly, I'm not sure who stepped on what since I didn't bother to check if anything was in the works before writing mine up.

  3. Joe should probably just start going up there with a telephone pole. Only way he's gonna reach that corner.

  4. I probably shouldn't have mentioned anything about the occasional bad start.

  5. The strike zone has appeared ... interesting. Wish fox would how the "Fox Trax" or whatever every pitch. Shouldn't have to have gameday and sling both open.

    1. The Twins not being okay with getting on base today is my new least favorite.

      1. I wasn't paying attention, so I'll just assume that, with Bert not here, she circled someone in the stands with a marker.

      2. Pushing on a fan from Haley for not having a Haley jersey. The ' I don't believe you, if you win on the lotto ticks you should buy a twins jersey ' stuff bothered me.

    1. So getting on base wasn't the problem. Glad to see Santana allowed to go 7 despite the early deficit. I wonder if he would have been pulled earlier if it wasn't the first game of a doubleheader. And Ryan Pressly. Wow! He had more Ks than either starter or even the entire Rockies bullpen.

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