Gulf Coast League Preview

The Gulf Coast League starts today!  Here's a little basic information for you.

There are seventeen teams in the league.  There are four divisions:  the East, the Northeast, the Northwest, and the South.  There are five teams in the East and four teams in each of the other divisions.  Teams take the name of their parent clubs:  the GCL Twins, the GCL Red Sox, etc.  Two teams have two entries in the GCL, designated by "West" and "East":  the GCL Tigers East and the GCL Tigers West.

The GCL Twins play in the South.  Other teams in their division are the GCL Orioles, GCL Rays, and GCL Red Sox.

The teams play a sixty game schedule.  The four division winners advance to the playoffs, with the division winner with the best record playing the one with the worst record and the other two playing each other.  The semi-final is a one-game playoff.  The championship series is best-of-three.

Teams have thirty-five players on their rosters, of whom at least ten must be pitchers.  Players must have no more than two years of prior minor league service.  While there's no rule about it, the teams play at their parent clubs' spring training complexes and all games are day games.

Most of the players the Twins drafted recently will go here, so we'll see how they do.  Go Twins!

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