Game 96: Tigers @ twins

Zimmerman vs. Gibson. Both have mostly been gascans this season, so I'm expecting a scoreless tie that gets broken by Zach Granite's first major league home run in the bottom of 12th inning.

For real, though, while I don't want the front office to sell the future to beef up the rotation, it's getting a little irritating to see Gibson's name penciled in every five games.

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    1. He had +2.2 rWAR that year... despite a FIP of 5.09.

      Six shutout innings in his Game 3 start (Twins lost) and a turrible 3-inning start (4 runs on 5 hits) in Game 6. And we know how that one turned out.

  1. They should just go set Gibson's uniform on fire on the mound right now just to make sure he never wears it again.

    1. I've never figured out anything with Gibson. I'm so done with him. He doesn't have very good stuff and he doesn't even use the stuff he has to the best of his ability. He's a guy that the phrase "pitch to contact" was invented for because it seems like he's trying to pitch around every batter he faces.

      1. I think that last part is what drives me the most nuts about him. He takes nibbling to an absurd level. It's like every hitter is Barry Bonds, and he has no idea how he going to get any of them out unless they bite at something that they shouldn't.

        1. I wonder how much of that is influenced by the Nolasco signing. He was worse to watch pitch than even Gibson has been and he was supposed to be the "veteran" that Gibson was supposed to look to as an example.

  2. I don't follow nearly as closely as I once did, but what did Polanco do so as to have to earn his way back onto the starting roster?

    1. Bat .168/.221/.241 over his last 150 PAs while taking truly horrible at-bats flailing at everything in sight. Meanwhile, Adrianza has been hitting well and is known as a great defender and has been hitting even better than Escobar.

    1. He's had a few games before where he looked to be cruising and then he kind of falls apart and can't get deep in the game. He's never finished 7 innings this season and only once gotten an out in the 7th. There's no excuse for him not finishing 7 innings today, especially after Santana's short start yesterday.

  3. Gibson at 86 pitches through seven. He has two complete games in his career but no shutouts.

  4. Win probability peaked at 99.5% when Romine flied out to start this inning. Not sure what it's dropped to yet, but it was 86% when Martinez walked.

  5. Why the hell do people reach for balls batted into that part of the park? Haven't they heard of Steve Bartman?

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