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2018 Game 71 – Boston at Minnesota

!Day Game Alert!

The Twins haven't scored a ton of runs, but their differential is not as jaw-dropping as I'd expected to see. Competent-to-Good pitching helps I guess. If this team can stay within a half-dozen games of first, I'd love to see them add some offense before the deadline. I'd even be happy with the return of second-half-2017 Dozier, Morrison, Buxton & Polanco with a little Santana (and eventually Sano ... hopefully sometime later this summer?) sprinkled in.
Anyway, Boston's legit, and no matter the outcome of today's game (Good Gibson v. Porcello ... yeah), I'm encouraged by the Twins' play against 'em. Add some offense and a continued mediocre run by Cleveland and this team may still be competing in late August.

Game 96: Tigers @ twins

Zimmerman vs. Gibson. Both have mostly been gascans this season, so I'm expecting a scoreless tie that gets broken by Zach Granite's first major league home run in the bottom of 12th inning.

For real, though, while I don't want the front office to sell the future to beef up the rotation, it's getting a little irritating to see Gibson's name penciled in every five games.

Game 159: Twins at Royals

A loss today breaks the Twins record of 102 losses in a season.

In franchise history, only the 1904, '07, '09 and '49 Senators have lost more than 102 ballgames in a season.

In franchise history, the current team sits in 7th place with a losing winning % of .354 ...

Over the past 6 seasons (including 2011), the team is 404-564, accumulating a .417 W-L% over that time.

Only 7 teams in franchise history have allowed more runs than the current squad (873), and I thoroughly expect them to move into 5th place (>880) or perhaps 4th (>889) on that inauspicious list by close of business Sunday.

Kyle Gibson v. Danny Duffey.

On the broadcast last night, Bert suggested Gibson needs a good outing to get his ERA below 5, as if there's some psychological benefit to having a high-4's ERA v. anything above 5. Yeah .... okay.

2015 Game 152: Cleveland at Minnesota

I'd like to give this a proper opening, but we've all been phoning it in on these for so long - thanks to the on-field play of the local nine - that's it kind of hard to remember how we used to do it.

It doesn't help that my company and DirecTV have essentially severed ties unless something changes soon, so I have no ability to catch games from work, and these days I'm primarily working nights. So I have too little appreciation for what's actually happening on that field until the playoffs on FOX start.

First, let's actually earn entrance into the playoffs. The Twins, Angels and Astros are chasing the final playoff spot, which isn't something I would have predicted typing this season.

Rookie Cody Anderson goes for Cleveland. He's been successful this season despite striking out just one for every two innings pitched (he doesn't walk many, either). He faced the Twins once this year, and they pounded him in a start where he left for the disabled list.

Hopefully, Good Kyle Gibson shows up for the Twins. Kyle is of course 10-10 this season (and 25-26 for his career), earning his dual WGOM nicknames.

I still can't envision the Twins in a postseason game this year, even after all this time, but with ten games left to go I'm thrilled that there's still

Game 43: Minnesota @Chicago

After last night's game, Chicago ace Chris has 2 losses on the year and both of 'em have come courtesy of the Twins. Game three will decide who takes the Memorial Day weekend series.

Today's matchup features Kyle Gibson (3-3, 2.98 ERA, 1.32 WHIP) and Jose Quintana (2-4, 4.13 ERA, 1.35 WHIP).

Gibson's coming off consecutive losses for the first time this season, though the 2-1 loss against Detroit on May 12 wasn't his doing (5 hits, 1 earned run, 0 BB and 6 K's in 7 innings). He wasn't nearly that good on the 17th against Tampa (8 hits, 3 earned runs, 2 BB and 2 K's in 5 innings). Hopefully, we get a bounce-back game from Kyle.

He'll be opposed by Quintana who's coming off a string of five games where he's allowed 2 earned runs or less while averaging 6.2 innings pitched, 6.1 K's and 2 BB per game. During that stretch, he's 2-3 due to a notable lack of offense (a total of 10 runs scored in those five games). His last start against Cleveland on the 19th wasn't great, allowing 8 hits and 4 BB while only striking out 4. Hopefully, we get another game like that and the Twins can put up some runs.