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2023 Game Log 108 – Twins at Cardinals

That was a rough week with the Twins losing five straight, including being swept by the lowly Royals. Fans are cranky because the Twins should be running away with the Central Division but are only one game up on the clearly packing it in Guardians. Pitching has regressed to the mean while the hitting has yet to do the same in the opposite direction. Two of the Twins more exciting players -- Alex Kirilloff and Royce Lewis -- are on the Injured List. Fun time!!

What a great time to head to St. Louis and have to face the wrath of the best fans in baseball(tm). Thankfully the Cardinals are lousy this year as well so hopefully the Twins can right the ship in St. Louis before heading back up the Mississippi. Also trade deadline is approximately 2 hours before the game so both teams will know what kind of team they will have for the remaining 50 some games of the season.

First pitch at 6:45 and it has been reported that a number of WGOM Citizens will be at the game. Let's all wish them a good time and something to cheer for. Meet up photos in the comments please.

2019 Trade Deadline

It’s been a while since Twins fans could look forward to the trade deadline with confidence the club was a full-on buyer, so it seems like we deserve a dedicated post to discuss rumors, share wish lists, and react to any deals the front office makes.

For convenience, here’s a hotlink to all MLBTR posts tagged for the Twins.

Bonus points to the Citizen who identifies the pitcher in this photo without cheating.

Game 96: Tigers @ twins

Zimmerman vs. Gibson. Both have mostly been gascans this season, so I'm expecting a scoreless tie that gets broken by Zach Granite's first major league home run in the bottom of 12th inning.

For real, though, while I don't want the front office to sell the future to beef up the rotation, it's getting a little irritating to see Gibson's name penciled in every five games.