68 thoughts on “Games: clevelanders @ twins: Let’s play two!”

  1. I found out that my phone has an FM tuner that runs through the headphones, so at least im able to listen to Gibson's endless "nibble nibble nibble knock" cycle

  2. Castro is asking Gibson to pitch high. The results are exactly what you expect for his type of pitching.

    70 pitches in the first inning. Cripes. I'd "like" to see Rosario on the mound if it comes to that

      1. Great way to start a doubleheader with the Twins bullpen. Starters haven't gone more than 5 innings in a week.

        1. At about 2pm yesterday, it looked like the rain wouldn't hurt Minneapolis until about 8:30.
          I figured then that they'd try to get the game in with the minimum of innings and save both teams' bullpens.

          But by the time we got to the park at 6:15, chances of rain at 7pm were greater than 80% and I knew it'd at least be greatly delayed.

    1. This was pretty much the standard Gibson start: four innings, seven hits, one walk, three runs.

      I probably held out hope for Gibson longer that most around here, but at some point even I have to face reality. He's almost thirty, has made 119 major league starts, and he's not getting better. If anything, he's getting worse. It's time to admit that he is what he is, and it's just not good enough.

      1. Count me in as giving up on Gibson. Really thought he would be a decent pitcher at some time. Maybe I got to emotionally invested as a Twins homer following him all through the minor leagues. If I have learned anything, "potential" only goes so far. Some guys just figure out how to get people out and some don't. We watch guys with electric stuff fail, and we watch guys with mediocre stuff do pretty well. It just feels like our organization hasn't figured out how to either a) draft the right guys, or b) develop them. Frustrating.

  3. Unless the pitch count gets so high that he risks injury, we might as well let Pressly have the rest of the game. No point using up another pitcher now.

    1. But I'm okay with giving Perkins an inning, too. Good time to ease him back into action.

  4. I've always liked Buxton, but I like this Buxton who hits the ball hard and gets on base a lot even better.

    1. I was gonna go with Buxton agreed he was out, so he was gonna spot Cleveland for the umps mistake.

  5. Just got back from the game. Sluggers is my favorite Twin (on account of being not Gibson): We got in three innings before we had to leave for the last bus home, and the Twins were in the lead when we left!

    1. Background: I went to last night's rainout, wherein we ate all our suite's food (allegedly... I think we ate about 3 innings worth of food).
      Tickets could be exchanged for another but given that I've got six tix in my pocket to trade for another game and the early start, I brought HPR with the idea that we'd only stay until we had to leave for the last bus home. I did bring home a lot of the beer (Summits) and cider (Angry Orchard: "It's better than cheap beer!") and sodas and a bottle of wine that my company bought that would have just been re-used by Delaware North had they been left in the suite. So for HPR's two bus fares (and he got to do his first ever solo bus ride), we got a good two weeks' worth of booze and the experience witnessing the first start of Sluggers's clearly HOF career.

  6. Grossman has a fractured left thumb. That should push the wildcard issue to a head.

  7. Eddie, Fairchild might as well call that first pitch a strike if you're going to swing at that second one.

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