33 thoughts on “August 31, 2017: The Johns”

  1. The DSL Twins play the DSL Dodgers2 in the playoffs today. I suspect updates will be hard to come by, but I'll let you know if/when I find out anything.

    1. The Dodgers2 lead 1-0 in the top of the third. In typical DSL fashion, the run scored on a wild pitch.

    2. Now 2-0 going to the ninth. The Dodgers2 scored in the sixth on a walk, a hit batsman, and a single.

  2. Last night did wonders on the Twins' run differential; currently sitting at 39.5% playoff odds.
    Need to win: Twins (duh)
    Big help if they lose: Angels, Orioles, Yankees, Indians (in descending order)

      1. I have the game on and, so far, they have't said a single word about the injury and there's something about that that is really bothering me.

        Also, does Smalley always do games drunk? Because he sounds like he's had a few...

      2. This probably ends his season. On the plus side, he'll have extra time in the offseason to heal. The dude can't catch a break.

  3. There's a decent chance we'll end the day tied with the Yankees for the wild card lead; Boston is throwing Sale against them tonight. A week ago I thought we had a decent shot to catch Cleveland, but that was before they won seven in a row and Sano's prognosis soured. I'll be content to get to the playoffs any way we can, I want the Twins to be the first team to make the post-season the year after losing 100+ games.

    1. I wish Sale wasn't such an enormous d-bag. Dominant lefties are always fun and a nice antidote to "lefties who are still in the league because they're lefties".

  4. After starting the season with a .225 BA in April, Joe Mauer is one 3-for-3 game away from hitting .300 on the year.

      1. Fifth place in the AL in OBP. But that only matters if you believe getting on base leads to scoring runs.

    1. Tigers also traded away Upton. They freed up a lot of money but still have Cabrera. I think he sticks with them until the end.

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