60 thoughts on “October 10, 2017: I Think You’ve Had Enough”

  1. Our senior bowling league started yesterday. I got 144, 157, 143 for a 444 series. Not great, not terrible. Given that I hadn't bowled since our season ended last spring, I'll take it.

  2. I just saw the highlights from yesterday's game and I'm greatly offended by the Viking's touchdown celebration.

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    1. The incorrect version is a popular thing to play at the end of 4K-5K soccer practice. I get a lot of weird looks whenever I overhear one of the coaches asking the kids if they want to play duck, duck, goose and I yell out "GRAY DUCK!"

    2. It's the one truly Minnesotan cultural endemic point. It needs to be preserved for future generations, or we're just East Dakota.

      1. I only just learned like last year that “budge” as a verb meaning “to cut in line” is a regionalism specific to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. You guys really don’t say it?

        Wait, WTF do other places call it?

            1. i've heard both of those, but not conjoined (as in i've heard "cutting" and "butting" but not "cutting and butting"). i'm also a little weirded out that "budging" isn't common.

              1. Oh yeah, those were usually separate, not together. Though I have heard a kid announce "no cuts and no butts" while waiting in line. I took that to mean no letting someone cut ahead of you, and no letting someone cut behind you.

                "Cutting and butting" sounds like it should also be a thing, though perhaps unrelated to waiting in line.

            1. "Budging" and "Cutting" were all I ever heard. I had no idea budging was a regional colloquialism.

              I did learn just how specific the Midwest can be with its language, though, by traveling around. I never heard "Duck Duck Gray Duck" anywhere but here. There's no "pop" anywhere else. When I drove back home last March, I saw a sign at a gas station and briefly wondered, "what the hell is pop?"

              1. For a place that most often is described as if it were no-place, the Midwest is every bit as linguistically distinctive as the American South.

                “Pop” exclusive of the “soda” qualifier is widespread in Pennsylvania according to the DARE. I wouldn’t classify PA as part of the Midwest.

              1. I have recollections of using it, but it's been many years. "Cutting" or "butting" are most common, depending on how they're done. If someone is letting you in line with them, you're cutting; if you are doing it on your own, you're butting.

    3. I was in the car a lot today. This was a talker on literally every local radio sports talk show in the Twin Cities today.

  3. So, Paul Molitor gets a 3 year extension. Im fine with that (although the overkill on bunting is annoying). The superstar managers seemed to be locked in place . The player seem to play hard for him (If I remember 2016 right, the team was lousy but they didn't really quit. They were just not good especially pitching) and the front office has no interest in replacing Molly with Dougie Baseball. They did fire Neil Allen yesterday and thats not a shocker. I wonder if any more staff will be replaced (Vavra comes to mind). I wonder if Falvine grabs a Cleveland pitching guy (as Gleeman suggested on Twitter) or goes to another team?

    1. I hadn't heard about Neil Allen. We've talked about this before, but I find it really hard to evaluate a pitching coach. The Twins pitching wasn't very good, but was that a coaching issue or a bad pitchers issue? Or both? Who knows? I wish him well, though.

      1. This was more about Falvey wanting his own guy, I imagine. They had pretty unique ways of training and developing pitchers in Cleveland, to much success, of course. He's opened up the minor league pitching coordinator as well as the MLB pitching coach.

      2. First I saw this mentioned, too. I wonder if Everyday Eddie’s back next season, given the bullpen’s expertise at TWINS BASEBALL!!!!!!!!. I don’t think any of that is necessarily his fault; he can only work with what they give him. Or, as I read elsewhere with regard to Allen, “you can only polish a turd so much.”

        1. I think I read somewhere that Eddie and Rowson were the only two coaches with remaining years on their contracts.

        2. I saw something on Mythbusters that demonstrated how far a dedicated person can polish a turd.
          Answer: one can make a turd shine.
          I do not remember how it works.

    2. Thinking about this more, Cleveland’s pitcher development system had a pretty strong emphasis on curveballs, right? Neil Allen was a big changeup advocate, so perhaps he was mismatched with the direction Falvey wants to go with pitching strategy. If he’s looking for a pitching coach who knows the curve, he has options.

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      1. I read somewhere that there is some thinking that perhaps the rise in rate of arm and shoulder injuries isn't because of stress of breaking balls but just stress of high velocity. To me it makes sense since pitchers trying to throw at higher and higher velocities will tend to overthrow and lose good form in their pitching motion and I would think that tends to put more stress on the arm and shoulder than anything else.

              1. Yeah I have a feeling he would pump it up to 100 only when he needed to and would take batters off. On the other hand, most teams didn't have #8 hitters who could know the ball out 25 times.

                1. I got curious and looked to see if Nolan’s HR rate spiked when the ball was juiced in 1987. It actually dipped, though ever so slightly. Then I looked at the rest of his pitching line: He led the league in Ks (270), striking out slightly over 30% of batters faced, and hits per 9 (6.5). He also led the league in FIP (2.47) and ERA+ (142). Despite that, he finished 8-16 with no complete games, one of only three seasons in his career when he didn’t go all nine at least once. The other two were his cup of coffee in ‘66 and his last season in ‘93.

  4. To those in the Twin Cities area: would anyone be interested in providing a home for a very sweet orange tabby kitten (age 6-7 months)? A friend found her and can't keep her but reports that she "loves cuddles and is very gentle and well groomed."

  5. The crowd at the USMNT game is hilarious. I think there is, at most, 150 people there who aren't on the field.

        1. It would be fitting and amusing if the US fails to qualify because Honduras scored a goal off the back of Mexico's goalie's head.

          1. And they're out. So apparently if you play like complete crap for two years, karma finally kicks in.

              1. I already pulled my kids from their teams and I'm going to punch their coaches in the face on Saturday morning.

                (I didn't and I won't. Its pretty lame this happened, though.)

  6. Oh, mama. I just made my first loafs of sourdough from scratch. My mom had a herman for years, and made bread every week from that starter. This is some serious eats. The recipe calls for a little too much salt. Tomorrow I'll be making sour dough pizza crust. Yeah, baby.

    1. I had a sourdough starter throughout grad school into my first couple of years as a jr faculty member. Then it died Because Parenthood And Stuff.

      but it was a beautiful thing. You are inspiring me to think about re-creating one. I made my original with yogurt. What did you use? A purchased or borrowed starter, or did you originate one yourself?

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