23 thoughts on “Game 22 Wolves at Pelis.”

  1. I had no idea the Pelicans play in a place called The Smoothie King Center.

    Is there a cool nickname for it?

    1. As I saw on Twitter a couple weeks ago, the floor appears to have an image of goatse (if you don't know what that is DO NOT GOOGLE) on either end.

  2. Also, gorgui needs to take about 6-7 more minutes from KAT to help prevent him from getting completely worn down.

  3. Isaiah Washington needs to learn to dish the ball a bit more. He could be phenomenal if he ever figures that out.

    1. There's a lot he needs to learn. He absolutely killed the Gophers tonight. Way, way too many quick and difficult shots and turnovers. For a guy that drives to the hoop a lot, he doesn't get many foul calls either.

              1. That was my initial reaction too.

                Trust me on this. Wrap the bacon in some paper towels, microwave a couple minutes, flip, microwave a couple minutes again. Adjust for preferred crispiness. Works flawlessly.

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