2002 Rewind: Twins League Leaders

As we wrap up our look at the Twins 2002 season, we look at Twins who placed among the top ten in the American League in various statistical categories.

WAR--position players

First--Alex Rodriguez, Tex, 8.8
Eighth--Jacque Jones, Min, 5.4

Defensive WAR

First--Darin Erstad, Ana, 4.2
Ninth--Corey Koskie, Min, 1.3


First--Johnny Damon, Bos, 11
Sixth--Cristian Guzman, Min, 6
Sixth--A. J. Pierzynski, Min, 6

Batter Strikeouts

First--Mike Cameron, Sea, 176
Ninth--Jacque Jones, Min, 129
Tenth--Corey Koskie, Min, 127

Stolen Bases

First--Alfonso Soriano, NY, 41
Ninth--Torii Hunter, Min, 23


First--Ichiro Suzuki, Sea, 165
Seventh--Christian Guzman, Min, 124

Extra Base Hits

First--Alfonso Soirano, NY, 92
Tenth--Torii Hunter, Min, 70

Hit By Pitch

First--David Eckstein, Ana, 27
Ninth--A. J. Pierzynski, Min, 11

Sacrifice Hits

First--David Eckstein, Ana, 14
Sixth--Cristian Guzman, Min, 8
Sixth--Luis Rivas, Min, 8

Sacrifice Flies

First--John Olerud, Sea, 12
Ninth--David Ortiz, Min, 8


First--Jorge Posada, NY, 23
Eighth--Torii Hunter, Min, 17

Caught Stealing

First--Ichiro Suzuki, Sea, 15
Second--Cristian Guzman,  Min, 13
Fifth--Corey Koskie, Min 11

Power/Speed Number

First--Alfonso Soriano, NY, 40
Fourth--Torii Hunter, Min, 25.7

Outs Made

First--Alfonso Soriano, NY, 516
Second--Cristian Guzman, Min, 492


First--Pedro Martinez, Bos, 0.92
Eighth--Rick Reed, Min, 1.16

Walks per nine innings

First--Rick Reed, Min, 1.25
Third--Eric Milton, Min, 1.58

Pitcher Games

First--Billy Koch, Oak, 84
Second--J. C. Romero, Min, 81
Tenth--Eddie Guardado, Min, 68


First--Eddie Guardado, Min, 45


First--Jeff Weaver, Det/NY, 3
Ninth--Joe Mays, Min, 1
Ninth--Brad Radke, Min, 1
Ninth--Kyle Lohse, Min, 1
Ninth--Rick Reed, Min, 1
Ninth--Eric Milton, Min, 1

Home runs allowed

First--Ramon Oritz, Ana, 40
Fourth--Rick Reed, Min, 32

Walks allowed

First--Tanyon Sturtze, TB, 89
Eighth--Kyle Lohse, Min, 70

K/W Ratio

First--Pedro Martinez, Bos, 5.98
Second--Rick Reed, Min, 4.65
Third--Eric Milton, Min, 4.03

Wild Pitches

First--Johan Santana, Min, 16
Ninth--J. C. Romero, Min, 9

Games Finished

First--Billy Koch, Oak, 79
Third--Eddie Guardado, Min, 62

WPA (pitchers)

First--Billy Koch, Oak, 4.6
Second--J. C. Romero, Min, 4.4

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  1. Home runs allowed

    First--Ramon Oritz, Ana, 40
    Fourth--Rick Reed, Min, 32

    All 32 to Jim Thome.

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