12 thoughts on “March 25, 2018: Old Friends”

  1. Went to the march in DC yesterday. Kind of cool that the kids get to feel like they're a part of history.

        1. Speaking of songs stuck in my head. I watched a SNL re-run last night and this song has been stuck in my head every since. Darn Jimmy Fallon!

  2. With the Kings loss and Wild win last night, the Wild magic number is 9 points in 8 games to make the playoffs.

    It's funny how good the Wild have been against the top two teams in the conference (3-0 against Vegas, 3-1 against Nashville).

  3. I took the risk today. I ran my snowblower dry and tucked it back in the corner of the garage.

      1. I left the garage door open when I did it. Here's to hoping no one saw. What concerns me is that there wasn't even enough gas for the engine to warm up, so I didn't waste any this year. Feels like there could be a balancing force against such good fortune.

  4. I hate to jump the gun on movie day, but run, do not walk, to see The Death of Stalin.
    Uptown Theater marquee: "We hope we don't get poisoned for showing this."

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