Game 2: twins @ orioles

Well, game one was plenty entertaining. Can game two live up to it. Can the Twins one up it by actually coming away with the victory?

We shall see.

We shall also see (though maybe not today, exactly ) whether or not the Kyle Gibson that showed up for the second half of the 2017 is the real deal, or whether first half Kyle Gibson is the one we're stuck with. I imagine Steven Gonsalves is very interested to know the answer to that question, as well.

It's winter outside again, for some reason  but baseball season is here again!

75 thoughts on “Game 2: twins @ orioles”

  1. Two good innings for Gibson. A walk each inning isn't the recommended procedure, but other than that, looking good so far.

      1. I felt like Twins batters did a very poor job of making adjustments on Thursday. Some of them don't seem to be doing any better tonight.

  2. Four solid innings for Gibson. Still not sure a walk every inning is the textbook way to do it, but it's working so far.

    1. Seventy-six through four, according to gamecast. I expect him to go out for the fifth, but probably no more, and he might not last the fifth if he gets into trouble.

    1. Dozoer was stealing second, it was ball 4 to Mauer. Catcher half assed threw the ball and skipped into CF. Dozier went to third.

      Then scored on Sano's double play

        1. I watched the highlights this morning and I agree. The throw was right on the bag. Machado must've just assumed there would be no throw and so wasn't ready to catch it.

  3. Cory and Dan sound like the Baltimore pitcher is getting squeezed. Those watching, any thoughts?

  4. I hope that's just Dazzle talking through his hat again, and that Molitor isn't going to have his decision to take Gibson out affected by whether Baltimore gets a hit this inning.

    1. Molly is managing to win the game and the the season. I like that he didn't manage to get a no-hitter. It's a fun thing to celebrate but ultimately meaningless. If a starting pitcher is one inning away from a no-hitter, you might let him stretch a bit more but not so that you risk wearing him down or even injuring him.

  5. When you have three Rule 5 picks on your roster, either your scouts are doing a tremendous job or you have some holes in your roster.

  6. Cory got that wrong. Dean Chance did throw a five-inning no-hitter for the Twins, but he also had a complete game no-hitter about three weeks later.

  7. Twins starters have an ERA of 0.00 on the season. If they kept that up all year, it would be a record.

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