2018 Twins Recap Series 3: Houston Astros

The Houston Astros, besides winning it all, also claimed the best team projection ever at 101 wins. This is a team that taking the over of 100 wins is a safe bet. The Twins have postseason aspirations, need every single win they can get, and doing well against the defending champs would be some early wins in the bank. I was hoping for a series win while recognizing that even going 1-2 isn't terrible. The lost a close game, won a close game, and won a slug fest.

The good:

  • The bats. They were held scoreless in the first game but still scored 13 runs against a great team.
  • Ryan Pressly. In two innings, he allowed one hit and got two strikeouts. His results have never really matched his stuff so it would be nice if things click this season.

The bad:

  • Rosario in the field and the plate.
  • The starting pitching. Lynn and Odorizzi had fine results but the process was bad (four and five walks respectively). Gibson was simply not good.

2 thoughts on “2018 Twins Recap Series 3: Houston Astros”

  1. Among qualifiers, Joe leads the team in AVG (.387), OBP (.525), and OPS (1.041), but he's 5th in SLG (.516). I hope he goes 3-3 with a walk tonight.

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