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2019 World Series Game 1 — Washington Nationals at Houston Astros

Game 1 of the 2019 World Series, Washington Nationals versus the Houston Astros. This one promises to be a series of excellent starting pitching on both sides and will be fun to see how each dominant starter matches up. Tonight Max Scherzer (who’s given up 1 earned run in 15 playoff innings this year) v. Gerrit Cole (who’s given up 1 earned run in 22.2 playoff innings this year). Which team will get to the pitcher first?

First pitch slated at 7:08p from Houston.

2019 Game 21: Twins at Astros

Twins up against the Astros again after a nice mashing last night. Michael Pineda up for the Twins and he has done as well as expected through four games with a 2-1 record and almost a SO per inning. Also at 6’7”, 265 lbs, I wonder if he had been born in the United States if Pineda would have played football or basketball, the dude is huge. Wade Miley on the mound for the Astros and if you’ve been forgoing anything in a Lent-like fashion until the Twins faced a lefty starter, well today is the day you can finally partake. Congratulations on getting this far with that. Miley has been serviceable but doesn’t throw a ton of strikeouts. He has held opponents to 3 earned runs or less for 20 straight starts, so he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

Important game for the Twins to win as Verlander up for the ‘Stros tomorrow. Be nice to get a win tonight and not have to worry about Wednesday’s game. First pitch at 7:10p.

Twins Line Up:

C Garver
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Cron
3B Gonzalez
2B Schoop
RF Kepler
CF Buxton

2019 Game 20: Minnesota Twins vs. Houston Astros

The first place Twins come into Houston to play the second place Astros. Odoreater is coming off a decent start against the Blue Jays and has a decent career line against the `Stros. Will he nibble himself to death against a tough lineup? We will see.

The Twins did not have a fun visit to the Space City last year, getting swept and outscored 18-4. Let's hope their rejiggered lineup will have better results.

One last bit of randomness: after a truly half-baked search, I can't find what Peacock's middle name is. Only a middle initial of "J".

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Game 138 — Twins at Astros

So, it's after Labor Day and the Twins are just about done (Tragic Number is 12). Byron Buxton is exiled, Sano is mired in a horrible slump, Someone called Johnny Field is playing in the outfield and Chris Gimenez is making "contributions." Makes me almost pine for the days when I paid attention to NFL football. Almost.

Anyway Twins play the Astros so you can see Justin Verlander pitch. He's not the dominant pitcher he was a few years back but he doesn't have to be given the Astros' lineup. Also 240 Strikeouts, 181 Innings Pitched, WHIP of 0.95 are all among the league leaders. Trevor May is the Opener for the Twins, I couldn't find who is coming in after him. Sorry for the half-bakedness.

EDIT: Apparently Kohl Stewart is the Follower tonight.

Game at 7:10p