43 thoughts on “May 22, 2018: The Norm”

  1. We have been waiting for the daughter's ACT score to roll in. A bit worried going in. The boy got a 33 on his last year, and if the daughter received a much lower number, she would be crushed. She gets tired of hearing from teachers and friends how smart her brother is. Well, couldn't have scripted it better: she gets a 33 too!

              1. I never took it, as a strong PSAT was all I needed to enroll in St. Cloud. My wife took it in 87, and got a 33... so I think we all know where the kids get their smarts.

                1. I never took it because Carleton, Mac, and the Ivy I applied to accepted the SAT, which I was privileged to take for a certain scholarship competition.

              2. Spoiler: ACT scores since 1970 SelectShow

                I can't find anything about what "old scale" (see image in spoiler) means, but they jumped at least two points. Composite is exactly two but Math increased 2.8.

    1. Congrats! I still remember that my little sister beat me by one stinkin' point on the ACT. (We both did well, so I really can't be too bitter about it...)

  2. All my time on this beautiful green earth, and this week I am trying ramps for the first time. Wasted 50 years ramp less. We made a ramp and wild mushroom flatbread with a boursin cream sauce. I am in heaven.

        1. Much like any concussion, they really don't know. They won't say it could be a long time, but you never know, especially when it's not his first one (and I suspect as a former QB for an elite HS program, he had some that weren't diagnosed in high school).

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