43 thoughts on “May 22, 2018: The Norm”

  1. We have been waiting for the daughter's ACT score to roll in. A bit worried going in. The boy got a 33 on his last year, and if the daughter received a much lower number, she would be crushed. She gets tired of hearing from teachers and friends how smart her brother is. Well, couldn't have scripted it better: she gets a 33 too!

            1. Well, they changed something in the format in 1990 and the average composite jumped 2 points. Pre-1990 is different than today.

              1. I never took it, as a strong PSAT was all I needed to enroll in St. Cloud. My wife took it in 87, and got a 33... so I think we all know where the kids get their smarts.

                1. I never took it because Carleton, Mac, and the Ivy I applied to accepted the SAT, which I was privileged to take for a certain scholarship competition.

              2. Spoiler: ACT scores since 1970 SelectShow

                I can't find anything about what "old scale" (see image in spoiler) means, but they jumped at least two points. Composite is exactly two but Math increased 2.8.

                1. Woo! I got a 30 back in 1999, so I was above average! (and that was waaaaaaay more than UW-Stout needed to accept me.)

    1. Congrats! I still remember that my little sister beat me by one stinkin' point on the ACT. (We both did well, so I really can't be too bitter about it...)

  2. I graduated from SBG High School 35 years ago today. Not to be confused with SBGville High School.

  3. The discussion on Mackey and Judd each ranked their ten favorite "Gardy Guys" really brought back the old ScruFi diagnosis.

      1. Normally I'd agree, but our current rotation is averaging less than 6 inning pitched per start. Oh, hell, I still agree.

  4. All my time on this beautiful green earth, and this week I am trying ramps for the first time. Wasted 50 years ramp less. We made a ramp and wild mushroom flatbread with a boursin cream sauce. I am in heaven.

  5. The Weekly Standard takes the cake:

    'Frosting Spoiler' SelectShow
    1. If Mauer is hurt for more than a couple week,s he is an insurance policy. Only thing I can think .

        1. Much like any concussion, they really don't know. They won't say it could be a long time, but you never know, especially when it's not his first one (and I suspect as a former QB for an elite HS program, he had some that weren't diagnosed in high school).

    2. I know it's baseballs instead, but I bet he's still great at catching.

      Oh, Chris. I got nothing.

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