43 thoughts on “June 7, 2018: Purple Birthday”

  1. On my way to LaLa for two days of meetings. I'm sure my staff can handle that million-and-a-half in contracts I drafted that need to be pushed through asap without me, right? 'cuz I am on vacation all next week. #perfecttiming

  2. AC stopped providing us with nice, delicious cool air last night, so I get to spend the day waiting for repair dude to show up. It had better get fixed today or the Mrs. might expire from the heat. Probably right after she offs me.

    1. I now live in an old farmhouse without central air. Window units finally went in yesterday, though a large room unit was up and running in the main living area a few weeks ago. These things only work so well... but well enough, I suppose. Air conditioning amazes me - once you have it, it is so difficult to live without it, but... people did, for the longest time.

        1. The problem is that houses built in the past 30 years have terrible circulation. He face west and have to run the air from 4-7 all summer long. Even with a 75 degree day we'll get over 80.

          1. Yep. Windows are terrible for insulation. They're desperately needed for circulation. Everything else is less drafty too.

      1. I never had ac growing up, in fact the Mrs. & I were married and in our 30's before we had a place with central air. However since Mrs. Rows doesn't have a thyroid anymore and she's "going through the change" keeping her cool is kind of a priority these days.

    2. I have fond memories of sleeping in my mom’s semi-finished basement in the summers before she finally had A/C installed, an improvement forced by my little brother’s pulmonary health.

      1. I've been looking at/thinking about doing some sort of data science and/or DB management to go with my GIS. I'm having trouble finding pure GIS work.

        1. Ah cool. SQL is a good choice then, though the trend around town for bigger orgs seems to be moving to serverless or graph solutions.

          One thing I know has been marketable here is being able to do some work in C#

            1. I suspect you're kidding, but D isn't a terrible choice if you want to end up at C++/D shop

        2. The C# comment was based on that the medtech community is the largest in the area, and as they move into more and more location based data it could be a good fit for you.

          I've also seeing more and more request for Vue work, which could also be a good fit. I know it's more frontend but their MVC model seems to jive with people with more backend experience.

        3. My bread and butter freelancing this year has been commenting other people's code, so if that's something you might be interested in let me know. I know my bandwidth is at it's limit, so I could pass the next couple if they happen before August.

          1. I want to know what share of your pay is related to you suppressing the "who wrote this shit?" comments?

            1. Probably non zero, but I guess I usually know what I'm walking into. Though I did write "This loop does nothing. Should delete" already today. Git blame usually helps. And I guess I charge a higher rate for doing this kind of stuff so Shrug

  3. Just got 2 Champions Club tickets for 2 days after Father's Day. I told my siblings they are in a race for second favorite kid!

    1. A small inheritance collected by Jay and Gina from their grandfather's death also played into the ill will among relatives

      It's nestled in there, but it's there.

      1. But in which direction? Ill will from others towards them? Ill will from them because they were disappointed in the size?

        I think being abandoned would be tough enough without seeing that she could actually be a loving mother to her new kids. It doesn't condone what they did, but gives some context.

        1. My mother's father did the same thing. Beloved by her half-siblings (who I know nothing of) and second wife. I met him twice, and I know he died before I was ten.
          Mom's stepdad (who married Grandma when she was a single mother with five kids and Mom was still little) was Grandpa.

  4. I'm apparently tweeting with LaVelle (non-contentious division) about drug testing. I think he deleted a tweet where he said Perkins was tested many times after his DL stint (at least I can't find that response anymore).

    1. Started here:

      He apparently deleted his Perkins response to my Gomez paraphrase, but still retweeted my response to it.

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