June 12, 2018: Torn Up

We had a guy come out to do a routine duct cleaning. Turns out our previous owner never bothered with anything of the sort and everything was covered in black mold. Fun! That was $1,000 instead of $100. Anyway, I was happy that the guy tearing apart our bathroom didn't uncover a mold colony or two. I know some of you have gone through that. Doesn't sound cool, yo.

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  1. I've been staring at the header image for ten minutes now and I still can't understand why that cup is full of grounds. Like, was this an attempt at a pour over gone horribly wrong?

    1. First game with no Petit on the bench and Molitor DHs Sano, which means if any infielder gets hurt, the Twins will have to lose the DH or put an outfielder in the infield. Also, no pinch running for Morrison either. Sano just sat for a game recently and had a day off yesterday. Why the need for him to DH?

      1. I assume to put a better defense on the field. That's not to say I agree with the move, but that would be one reason.

        1. But Odorizzi is starting today and he is above average K rate and extreme fly ball tendencies and is right-handed. This would be a day you would worry the least about third base defense, I would think.

  2. I saw Mark's Towing trying to aid an overturned semi on my way in to work this morning.

  3. Having sampled their fare twice now, I understand the appeal of Primanti Bros. Though neither the pastrami & cheese or kielbasa & cheese (topped with several pirogi instead of fries) were remotely close to the best sandwich I've ever had, they're certainly unique & plenty of food for the money, particularly if you go double meat. I actually found both the pastrami & kielbasa to be rather mild, verging on bland, which was pretty disappointing; the most memorable part of the sandwich was the slaw. The pirogi substitution was a neat touch, and apparently a new development in the ten day window between my visits. The Strip District location is the one to visit, not because it's particularly notable in itself, but because the neighborhood is really something to behold — a bustling street market with a variety of world cuisines, international grocers, accordion-playing buskers, derelict buildings, repurposed buildings, and ghost signs.

    I need to spend some serious time in Steel City.

    1. Our Pittsburgh office (now closed) was in the US Steel Building. I would usually stay right next to the Strip District. Agreed it's a really cool place, though I was never able to enjoy it on a weekend. I am also a fan of the city in general. Better than Philly at least. 😉

      1. The US Steel Tower is a major jewel of that incredible skyline. I love how its materials are celebrated in its architecture — perfect for its founding tenant, and way more charismatically done than, say, Brutalism.

        I have a love for major inland cities located on rivers, and I get the feeling Pittsburgh would go pretty far up that list.

    1. It was climbing my building, but I wasn't aware at the time. I did notice a surprisingly big group of people on the MPR deck shortly before lunch, but I just assugreyed it was a big group smoke-break.

      1. I'm not sure which is more entertaining: finding the raccoon on the window or watching the MPR staff.

  4. How's everyone doing? I'm gonna try to be better about popping in more, but don't hold me to that.

    1. Hey, now that you are popping in, maybe set up a World Cup prediction contest? Points for picking top two in each group then semis and finals? I don't know something like that?

      1. I set up a World Cup fantasy league last night. I'll post the link here when I get home.

  5. We're heading to Chicago tomorrow so I was out vacuuming the car. It's so humid I had to wring out my shirt when I was done. Half done, actually, I still have to do the back seat.

        1. Well, if you need a pit stop around that time off of 90 just before you hit Chicago, I know a Whole Foods with some wicked taps (cheaptoy can confirm).

          1. Confirmed. And the last time I was there, it was to not have to go into Ikea which made it doubly awesome.

  6. When I wrote my last game log I gave Adrianza short shrift without looking at his recent numbers. For June, his line is .273/.385/.682/1.066 and since I can't pronounce his first name I'm going to call him Ed to avoid any confusion.

  7. This just in: whale-watching is fun. Did a (minimum) 3-hour tour. Did not shipwreck. Maryanne >> Ginger (too high maintenance).

    Actual tour was about 4.5 hours. Saw two humpbacks and two groups of orcas, including a calf who breached several times and an older male with a six-foot high dorsal fin. Also, assorted seals, sea lions, bald eagles and turkey vultures. A good time was had by all.

    We then drove into Vancouver and touristed around Granville Island (art galleries, working craft shops -- glass art, leather, metalworks, wood, etc.) and shops. Had a nice English-style pale ale at Granville Brewing, then we splurged on dinner (Thai food on paper plates at the food court; actually, quite good Thai food).

    Yesterday, we did the Capilano Suspension Bridge and park, and Stanley Park. Nice walking, lots of nature shit. Had dinner at a brewpub/gastropub in a sketchy neighborhood. Beer was a mixed bag. Mediocre wheat beer, excellent spruce-flavored pale ale. Food was excellent. Roasted cauliflower in a fabulous Romesco sauce, and a charcuterie plate with three house-cured meats, three local cheeses, and pickled veggies.

    Apparently nobody in B.C. drinks anything darker than pale ale. Would it kill these folks to brew a brown ale, or even an Amber?

    Anyway, we are taking a ferry to Vancouver Island/Victoria tomorrow. Big day of sightseeing. Rumor has it that there is good beer to be had as well.

    1. Trey was 0-for-2 with 2 walks, including 1 in the 6th inning to help spark a dramatic rally as the Newmark Angels won 8-7 in the semifinals of the District 43 Tournament of Champions on Tuesday. Trailing 7-5 in the 6th (and final) inning, Trey walked to put the tying run on base. After a wild pitch put both runners in scoring position, the lead runner scored from third on another wild pitch. When the catcher threw the ball away trying to get the runner, Trey then came in to score the tying run just ahead of the throw.

      This happened with 1 out. After 2 walks and another out, the Angels won the game on an infield hit and an error to complete the comeback from an early 6-0 deficit.

        1. That was a weird mix of legit poles and some duded up Hollywood poles.

          Anyway, today was downtown Victoria (the government house/provincial parliament was cool) and Butchard Gardens. The gardens were spectacular.

          Heading back to 'murica tomorrow. The land of Verizon connectivity.

          If you ever plan to take a trip to Vancouver and have Verizon, quiz them hard about what, exactly, you get with their NAFTA package (Canada and Mexico, XX minutes and YY texts and ZZ data). Because we were on roaming pretty much the second we left White Rock each day. Their coverage is the shits.

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