18 thoughts on “Game: Orioles @ twins”

  1. I'm trying to think of lyrics to the refrain of Brian Wilson that will capture just how terrible Bobby Wilson is, but I'm struggling.

  2. Best I have so far is:

    Watching him make me sad;
    Bobby Wilson's incredibly bad

    1. I think I saw a graphic that said he gets more than 50% swings and misses on his breaking balls, second best in the AL, apparently.

  3. EE with another double, Gibby with the quality start (and win?!), Joe on base a couple more times, and a continuation of the win streak. Damn, I think the FO is going to have to mistakenly be buyers at the deadline again this year!

  4. I know it's against the worst team in the league, but three in a row is still three in a row. I see the blind squirrel found a couple of acorns. Bobby Wilson's big day raised his average all the way to .134 and probably guarantees that he'll be the most regular catcher for the rest of the month, at least. But, the Cave-Man made another great catch, Kyle Gibson pitched well, and Fernando Rodney didn't blow it, so let's be happy!

    1. You missed it without TV, but there was a fan at the game, an older gent with grey hair, and a sign that had a big picture of Wilson, as in the volleyball from Castaway.

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