2018 Game 87: Orioles at Twins

The Twins have a chance to pull off a rare 4-game sweep today (the last one I could find was August 2017 in Milwaukee). Yes, it's against the more-hapless-than-our-team Baltimore Orioles, but they don't judge by degree of difficulty in baseball, just runs scored. Jake Odorizzi is on the mound for the Twins, the Orioles feature Alex Cobb. If the Twins can cut their deficit in the division to single digits before the All-Star break, they might be able to make at least a little run to keep things interesting through the dog days. They get another series with KC after the break, then it's Blue Jays and Red Sox before going head-to-head with Cleveland. Hey, it's baseball. Weird stuff happens all the time.

Play ball!

34 thoughts on “2018 Game 87: Orioles at Twins”

  1. So, facing a guy with an ERA over six, we've managed three hits, all singles, in four innings and have struck out five times.

  2. Fine game for Odoreater today. Six shutout innings, five hits and a walk, five strikeouts.

  3. I fully approve of that Morrison bunt single. I wish he'd do that more often. If they're going to give you a hit, take it.

  4. I'm not sure why you play the infield in when you're down 6-0. Can't give up, I guess, but why now when you didn't do it earlier?

  5. Just think how many runs we'd have scored today if Bobby Wilson had been in the lineup!

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