Game 90: Twins Continue to Not Help Royals Reach 120 Losses

Dan Szymborski put the Royals chances at reaching 120 losses at a mere 0.3%. This was before that day's game, a game the Royals won. Not-All-Star Lance Lynn surrendered a three-run homer to All-Star Salvador Perez, making it even less likely the Royals tie the Mets.

23 thoughts on “Game 90: Twins Continue to Not Help Royals Reach 120 Losses”

        1. After England got that quick goal, I thought it'd be a blowout. But man, this game is everything yesterday's wasn't.

  1. Caught the beginning of the game on TV. Bert was harping on the number of pitches Lynn throws per inning. I agree it's a problem, but what he never said is what to do about it. Throw more strikes, I suppose, but sometimes the problem is not so much that you're missing the strike zone as it is that the batters keep fouling pitches off. I don't know what you can do about that other than make better pitches, which is obviously a lot easier to say than to do.

  2. Lance Lynn is doing what he can to make sure Twins management isn't fooled into thinking the Twins might get back into contention at the trade deadline.

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