15 thoughts on “2018 Game 107: Spiders vs. Twinsies”

      1. and is he back? i'm confused. he "took off the headphones" after the 4th to respond to comments on FB.

        i'm not a fan of this format.

  1. Mauer swung at all 3 pitches he saw in the 4th inning. I wonder how often that's happened. He made contact on all 3. That's a pretty good accomplishment based on Carrasco's 6 Ks thus far.

    1. Indians stole 3 bases on Monday when Garver was catching. Just once yesterday with Wilson catching. Of course, it could have been more who was pitching. Just saw the replay. That was an amazing play by Adrianza.

    1. Hit it hard, but when you get a four-seam fastball down the middle of the plate in that situation, you should not be hitting it on the ground. That was his chance to avoid being hated by Twins fans since we know he won't be around next year and is basically the face of the white flag trades. Instead, he does the worst thing possible by making sure Mauer wouldn't have a chance to at least tie the game.

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