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Game 70: White Sox vs. Twins

Its always nice to host the White Sox after a disastrous home series against a good team. Hopefully they can complete the sweep this afternoon because they head to Cleveland tomorrow with Boston right after that. It could get ugly, folks. The White Sox are pretty crappy, so they should have no problem today.

Jose Quintana (3-8, 5.07 ERA, 4.35 FIP) vs. Nik Turley (0-1, 12.46 ERA, 4.75 FIP).

Oh. Crap.

On the bright side, Turley's FIP is waaaaaaaay lower than his ERA, so maybe he's just been really unlucky in his first two starts? (also small sampe size). I'm not confident in that, so I'll go ahead and predict its going to require a good deal of runs today. Fortunately, Quintana hasn't been particularly good this year either. If you like good pitching, might want to cover your eyes for this one.

Game 5 – Twins at Clevelanders 2: The Gibsoning

Kyle Gibson and the Twins take on Carlos Carrasco and the Clevelanders. Carrasco has, to this point, seemed like the type of pitcher that the Twins could have success against (a righty who doesn't strike out a ton of people and a ground ball pitcher who seems let the ball find the seats with regularity). Meanwhile, Kyle Gibson's had a rough start to his major league career, but that all ends now, I'm sure.

Your starting lineups:

Dozier, 2B
Mauer, 1B
Willingham, LF
Colabello, DH
Plouffe, 3B
Kubel, RF
Pinto, C
Hicks, CF
Florimon, SS

Morgan, CF
Swisher, 1B
Kipnis, 2B
Santana, DH
Brantly, LF
Cabrera, SS
Murphy, RF
Gomes, C
Chisenhall, 3B

Go Twins!

2013 Game 72: Twins at Indians

Oh, good, Pedro Hernandez is back and he's on the hill today! Amazingly, he's by far the more successful this year of today's two pitchers, as Carlos Carrasco (0-2, 8.40) should help to make this a high-scoring affair.

It seems like there's very little to say about a team hovering just under .500. It's not bad enough for mockery and they're not good enough that it's reasonable to talk about the playoffs. So, we wait for the young kids to turn this thing around, and wonder what kind of pitching the Twins will get in return for guys like Willingham and Morneau. I've never been the rosterbating type, so I'll leave that to everyone else.

Mauer's currently holding off a run from Wieters for the All-Star Game starting spot. This is in no way a reasonable thing, so I'm considering voting for the first time in several years. But, I'll probably blow it off in the end.

This appears to be the MLB.tv free game of the day.