28 thoughts on “Game 144: Yankees at Twins”

  1. Took until the second batter, but yes, he can! Took until the second batter of the second inning before he did it again but retired the third batter on only three pitches too!

    1. I really hope Molitor was just trying to get through the 8th with Odorizzi. There should have been no thought of him completing the game even with the no-hitter going. It makes sense that he didn't want to use Rogers for more than one or two batters and Hildy for more than 4 outs since they pitched quite a lot lately.

      1. My thoughts are that there's still not a ton of evidence that supports the idea that 100 pitches is A-OK, but 110 pitches is instant armdeath. It's late in a lost season, they've got a 3 run lead, and he'd help them to basically nothing all night. You may as well give him a chance to do it.

    2. Molitor, normally leery of extending a pitcher beyond about 110 pitches, said he was willing to allow Odorizzi to go as far as he wanted, even the ninth inning if the no-hitter was still intact.

      Wow. Gardy took Johan out after 17 Ks in 8 innings and only 112 pitches. Molitor in many ways is more Old School than Gardy.

  2. Would a healthy Rosario have been able to catch that double? Grossman missed one in the first inning that I was sure a healthy Rosario would have caught easily. It was just a foul ball, but it extended the at-bat several pitches.

    I was surprised that Odorizzi was even allowed to start the 8th. I thought they might take him out after the walk as well.

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