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Next Wednesday I am heading down to Memphis and Nashville to go on a week-long musical pilgrimage. Sun Studio, Stax Musuem, Beale Street, Graceland, Ryman Auditorium, blues and country bars. I'm really looking forward to it. If anyone has been in those two cities and has recommendations for food and bars, hit me up. I'm not looking for the touristy places, but places the locals like to go to. Definitely Memphis bbq and Nashville hot chicken will be on the list.

Have you ever gone on a musical pilgrimage? Doesn't have to be a week long sojourn. Perhaps you went to the Surf Ballroom when passing through Clear Lake. Or went to Paisley Park. Maybe you checked out the Let it Be house in SW Minneapolis or walked across the street on Abbey Road in London. What was it like?

Drop your lists.

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  1. 1. Moby “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” Daytrotter Session, 12/21/2011
    2. Alice Coltrane “Journey Into Satchidananda” World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangidananda
    3. Mix Master Mike “Sektor Two” Anti-Theft Device
    4. AMR* “MbeerMbeer
    5. A-Ha “Take on Me” Party Starter: 80s Mix

    6. Aaron Dilloway “Tight Rope” Modern Jester C30*
    7. Lydia Loveless “All I Know” Boy Crazy
    8. Mix Master Mike “Anti-Theft Device” Anti-Theft Device
    9. Ken Nordine “Grey”* Colors
    T. Neneh Cherry “Move With Me” Homebrew

    4. Yes, me. Entirely created out of a short clip of Homer Simpson declaring "Mmm, Beer".

    6. This cassette-EP release has only a one-song overlaps with CD/LP album of the same name, released 4 years later.

    9. "If there's an absolute white (and there is),
    And if there's an absolute white (and there is),
    Then if follows that there must be an absolute grey...
    And there is."
    Just noticed that this is a bonus track, only on the 1995 Asphodel CD reissue.

  2. I've done both of those cities the past few years. If you have the time, hit the Civil Rights Museum. Maybe a bad fit for your theme but a great museum.

    I know you're an Elvis guy, but Graceland was last by far among those listed. You might want to check out a recording of Grand Ole Opry. Not as good as when it was at Ryman but still pretty cool seeing how excited young country artists get by being on it.

    We went here in Nashville: When I hesitated on what to order, was told, "Honey, you want the mild." She was right.Probably best in daylight.

    I've heard good things about Blue Bird Cafe and Country Music HOF but have never been. I hated Broadway on the weekend. Too many bros and bachelorette parties. During the week it's business travelers.

    Are you going to get to east Nashville? I've heard that is more authentic.

    When on Broadway, keep track of how many times you hear Folsom prison blues and Wagon Wheel. For some reason, they are in every set.

    1. Thanks. Oh yes, the Civil Rights Museum will be a visit too, that also will be a highlight.

      I'm not going to the mall where the Grand Ol' Opry is now. Also I'm planning to stay away from Broadway most evenings except for a visit to the Roberts Western World. I'm staying in East Nashville and have identified a number of smaller bars in the 5 Points area.

  3. 1. Help Me--Joni Mitchell
    2. Operator--Jim Croce
    3. Waiting For You--Gordon Lightfoot
    4. Aubrey--Bread
    5. Carefree Highway--Gordon Lightfoot
    6. Blue Bayou--Linda Ronstadt
    7. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine--Lou Rawls
    8. A Song on the Radio--Al Stewart
    9. May You Never--Eric Clapton
    10. Let It Go, Let It Flow--Dave Mason

  4. When a friend was moving out of town, we took a drive west on Highway 7 to get a picture in front of Hollywood Town Hall. Unfortunately, the sign has been stolen so often that they just gave up.

  5. 01. "A Burning Hole" – MitskiPuberty 2
    02. "Songs For Women" – Frank OceanNostalgia-Ultra
    03. "The Last Trumpeter Swan" – DeerhoofReveille
    04. "Engine Runner" – PHOXUnblushing
    05. "Chariots Of Fire" – Al GreenThe Belle Album
    06. "I Loves You Porgy" – Sun-Ra & His Arkestra Easy Listening For Intergalactic Travel
    07. "Smoke" – Blood OrangeNegro Swan
    08 "Favorite Thing" – The ReplacementsLet It Be
    09. "In Framing" – The HotelierHome, Like Noplace Is There
    10. "All I Do*" – Stevie WonderHotter Than July

    10: Disco Stevie is some of my favorite Stevie.

        1. Definitely on the list. I'm also going to check out the former site of the Big Star's TGIF, it is literally a block away from Ardent.

  6. I don't know if this quite qualifies, but one summer in high school I went to a DCI (Drum Corps International) show (possibly even the championship, or whatever they have) in Madison, and watched a bunch of awesome marching bands. I'd enjoy doing that again.

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