24 thoughts on “October 25, 2018: Recent Transactions”

      1. Dude, he's been in everything. And yes, the x-ray observatory and the 2010 character (and the starship in Star Trek IV that was attempting to build a makeshift solar sail, and the Fiction 59 character) were all named in honor of the famous astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.

        1. No doubt. Bob Babalan been pretty active since 1969 both movies and TV. I just learned he was the "teenage boy" in Midnight Cowboy when I re-watched that movie a few weeks ago.

  1. Kepler was expected however. Down to its final reaction wheels and barely any fuel left and it was expected to run out this year. They got lucky in finishing the latest observation campaign.

    1. Barely older than the CBO, himself only a month senior to Mauer.

      Knowing almost nothing about any of the candidates, I would have leaned toward Brandon Hyde instead with Baldelli my second choice. Baldelli having experience with player development is a plus though.

  2. I asked this on Twitter too, but I feel like Rocco Baldelli has something to do with Glenn Williams' hit streak to start a career.

    Was is Baldelli's record he broke? Or am I way off?

    1. If you exclude games where the player didn't get at least a PA, then Williams and Baldelli tied at 13 games. The record however is 17 games. According to BR, this matches MLB's rules.

      If instead you include all games, then, I'm still waiting for BR.

  3. We did a big tech upgrade at work. Got a Surface Pro which is been highly disappointing so far. Also switched from Windoze 7 to 10. I've been running around to everyone's computer restoring all the convenient features that they inexplicable revised/removed for no particularly good reason.

    1. I would like to figure out how to remove some of the new convenient features. (Window previews, for example... all of my spreadsheets look the same when thumbnails. Also, I liked how I could delete emails directly from the alert, but I don't think I can anymore.)

      1. Yeah, I've noticed both of those. The latter is particularly annoying, because just why? Also, I have to click the thing like 5 times before it stops wiggling or whatever and finally opens the goshdarned email.

        (I thought there was a way to change the preview thing, but it wasn't in the first place I looked, so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― )

        1. Yes. The wiggle. WHY CANT I CLOSE YOU?
          I'm afraid to turn off notifications though, because I'll probably miss important things.

          And there was a way to get rid of the previews in the previous version of Windows (I think it happened when turning off the "Aero" Theme), but I can't find it now.
          Big excel files doing lots of processing and the whole thing gets knotted up when trying to show previews and autosave.

  4. We're out in DC (well, technically right now I'm sitting in the hotel about four miles from Boofcentral Prep (aka the Devil's Triangle and I drove by the illustrious Columbia Country Club this morning). The plan today was for me to get the kiddos up and moving and bring them down to the hotel where Sheenie's attending a conference and pick her up for breakfast. The little one decided to vomit all over herself and the pack-n-play during my morning constitutional and then, after all that was taken care of, have a blowout in her stroller right as we were getting on the elevator. On the bright side, the Valet was thrilled to eventually make another patronage to Lincoln Waffles for breakfast and then the Lincoln Memorial. Tonight: Ben's Chili Bowl (when he heard we were going to DC, the Valet said, "I want to go to the Lincoln Memorial and the restaurant on Daddy's shirt.").

    Tomorrow, I'm dropping the little one off with Sheenie's aunt (grandchildless and begging for the opportunity to pretend to be a Bubbe for a day even if it's a day dealing with explosions from both ends), and the Valet and I are hitting Air and Space (Mall version, not the great new Dulles version) and whatever else he wants to hit along that eastern side of the Mall. I'm secretly hoping he continues to want to go to the top of the Washington Monument and has the patience to wait in line because I haven't been up there since I was 10 years old. We shall see.

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