9 thoughts on “November 13, 2018: Excelsior!”

  1. A Deadspin commentor noted after that horrific LaVert injury just before halftime that Derrick Rose was on the court for that injury... and Gordon Heyward's... and Paul George's.

  2. This past weekend I went down the the Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library to read a piece appearing in the KVML’s annual journal. I stayed with friends in Miller Beach.

    Since I’m never in those parts on my own, I took the opportunity to make a few side trips. Here’s one of them that might be recognizable to a few of you (click to embiggen):

    'Spoiled for space constraints' SelectShow
  3. Somehow I got onto this neighborhood web-deal for H-istan. Haven't been on it in a while but somehow got a link and here it is (not meant to be FZ or suchat):

    Sachji Always, Greenfield1

    Why are the drains not working. Walking the children to the school bus and the damn water flooded alll the dam drains still dont drain. Why is there no damn anything to stand under while waiting for the bus at Kenny park so we dont get DAMN WET! In the WINTER that damn snow needs to be plowed in the that park. I'm so damn mad having to walk already soak and wet cause I gave the children i walked to the bus my umbrella and a chick that had a 3 yr old with no unbrella stroller walking and that baby was soaked walking to CHS. I ASKED THE QUESTION AT THE WRONG TIME AT THE MEETING BUT I SEE APPARENTLY NOONE ASKED IT AGAIN AT THE BV RIGHT TIME. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO WALK IN WET ASS SHOES BECAUSE THE DRAINS DONT WORK?

  4. Trey played his first junior high baseball game of the season tonight. In a fitting tribute, he wore #7, batted left-handed (as usual) and batted leadoff. He then lined a single to left and walked in his first two at-bats. He started at shortstop and pitched the final 4 outs, including 2 strikeouts, to earn the win in relief. He stranded the go-ahead run at third base to end the fifth before his teammates gave him the lead in the top of the sixth (and final) inning.

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