32 thoughts on “November 14, 2018: No Surprises”

  1. So my wife manages a book giveaway sort of thing that happens at the local elementary school. It involves a bunch of lists of teachers' rooms, kids names, and in the end 2 or 3 kids per room are getting a book.

    I saw her list in the kitchen yesterday and a name stuck out at me. The last name was Buttera [sic] and the first name was Mauer. That's just too perfect!

  2. Came across this yesterday (somebody's .sig):

    Write a wise saying and you name will live forever. Anonymous

    1. Can't have pessimists? The question is "Will", not "Should".
      I don't put it past the HOF voters to screw this up.
      (It wasn't me, but I defend the right of the minority to speak his or her voice.)

        1. Nevermind, I go to the site and I see Vier all over the place. I'm so confused. Darn German language and weird musicians.

          1. I believe it's a joke as they've got a guest vocalist? (The young guy; the only one who doesn't look too old to be dancing like that.) I assume the long intro to the video has something to do about that.

            1. "Zusammen" is a song by Die Fantastischen Vier featuring Clueso and a single from the Die Fantastischen Vier album Captain Fantastic. It peaked at number 2 on the German charts, at number 32 in Austria and at number 35 in Switzerland. It was chosen as the official song for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by the German public broadcaster Das Erste. It will be played during all live broadcastings from the World Cup.

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