Friday Music Day: Best Of 2018 Signup

We've come back to that time of year. Volunteer below for a spot in this year's Best of 2018 showcase. Schedule will be made in order of volunteering. As always, there's no guarantee that someone else isn't going to play the same thing as you, so be sure to sign up early.

Also, you, whoever you are, just volunteer yeah? You know you want to.

Drop some lists along the way as well.

21 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: Best Of 2018 Signup”

  1. 01. "Hubcap" – Sleater-KinneyCall The Doctor
    02. "Forest Fire" – Mount EerieA Crow Looked At Me
    03. "The Smoking Man" – Jean Grae & Quelle ChrisEverything's Fine
    04. "Ddiamondd" – BattlesMirrored
    05. "Valse Hot" – Sonny RollinsPlus Four
    06. "Cupid In Oilskins" – By Divine RightMutant Message
    07. "Spaced Cowboy" – Sly & The Family StoneThere's A Riot Goin' On
    08 "Give It Up" – Angel OlsenMy Woman
    09. "We All, Us Three, Will Ride" – Palace MusicViva Last Blues
    10. "Early In The Morning" – NilssonNilsson Schmilsson

    1. Re: 09. I was actually surprised it was on VLB instead of Days in the Wake.
      At the same time, I know it's the song before "Old Jerusalem", which is on VLB, so I guess my thoughts of this song had not converged.

  2. I don't think I could contribute much to a Best of 2018 list. Now, if it was the best of 1978...

    1. Early Morning Rain--Gordon Lightfoot
    2. May You Never--Eric Clapton
    3. Mr. Bojangles--Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    4. Part of the Plan--Dan Fogelberg
    5. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight--England Dan and John Ford Coley
    6. Wasted Time--Eagles
    7. I Saw God Today--George Strait
    8. You've Got a Friend--James Taylor
    9. I'll Get Over You--Crystal Gayle
    10. Top of the World--The Carpenters

  3. One "Best Of" spot, please.

    * A Man Needs a Maid - Neil Young - Harvest
    * New - Priests - Bodies and Control and Money and Power
    * RX Queen - Deftones - White Pony
    * Rational Gaze - Meshuggah - Nothing
    * Forest of Evil (Dusk) - Demdike Stare - Triptych
    * Stay Away - Nirvana - Nevermind
    * Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate - Have a Nice Life - The Unnatural World
    * Silent Shout - The Knife - Silent Shout
    * Fuck the People - The Kills - Keep on Your Mean Side
    * Keep the Streets Empty For Me - Fever Ray - (self-titled)

  4. 1. PhonopsychographDISK “Thinking Room Sculpture” Ancient Termites
    2. Will Oldham “I See a Darkness” Songs of Love and Horror*
    3. Aaron Dilloway & Tom Smith “Untitled VI”* The Dutch Viruses
    4. Rob Swift “I'm Leaving” The Ablist
    5. LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends” Sound of Silver

    6. Basement Jaxx “Rendez-Vu”* Remedy
    7. Bat for Lashes “Trophy” Fur And Gold
    8. Ha Ha Tonka “Lessons” Lessons
    9. Ha Ha Tonka “Telluride”* Heart-Shaped Mountain
    T. Cher “Believe (AMR's Samba)”*

    E. Sia feat. Sean Paul “Cheap Thrills” This Is Acting

    2. A new album of old songs re-recorded, just Will and his acoustic guitar. So quite different than So Here's My Plan, and which I think explains why it's billed to "Will Oldham" rather than some version of "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy".

    3. The second half of this is pretty much one of the tracks of Dilloway's Siena EP (maybe "Siena 1"?), but with someone making some vocal noises over it.

    6. No vocalist was credited on this song, so I've assumed it's all computer singing. (Both Jaxx, Felix and Simon are credited on other songs on the album.)

    9. Playing on the fact that "Telluride" also sounds like "'Til you're right". Someday, there will be songs about Nunavut.

    T. This is a sketch of a bootleg remix, only 85 seconds long, limited to only part of the song because it's all I could fit on the hard drive at the time. (I was using a computer at UST for a low-credit "electronic music production" class, or something like that, with a lot of MIDI and protools.) I'd love to do the whole thing with unlimited space, but now it's almost two decades ago and I wouldn't know how. I think it was one of the best pop-remix ideas I had.

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