33 thoughts on “December 6, 2018: Fun”

    1. That's cool. That recent profile bS(?) highlighted definitely made me look at him in a different light. Not saying it excuses anything, just seemed important when weighing all the evidence. I hope he rights himself for himself.

      Also, yeah, where was Dmitri in all of that?

        1. All the better to give his brother some advice about the ups and downs of pro ball.
          Dmitri was a 29-year-old in the midst of his best (and first All-star) season when his 18-year-old brother Del was drafted.
          And in later years, too, as Dmitri had been suspended from a minor league for a violent outburst (punching a fan, I just learned this).
          Maybe they weren't that close because of their age? Maybe Dmitri was resentful that his brother got drafted higher than him (Dmitri was 4th overall)?
          Maybe Dmitri had his own demons and was working through them when his brother would have most needed him?

          But interviewing him for the article (or maybe a deeper interview, I can't recall if Dmitri was quoted) seems an odd blind spot.

            1. IIRC, Dmitri and his father do not ever speak, or at least didn't during the relevant time period. I feel specifically like recall this from reading about him during his time with the Nats, when there were stories about the lack of connections between the Youngs.

    2. Watch the clip if you want to hear what Chris Berman's shtick sounds like en Español.

      Re Delmon: Good on him; I wasn't really pleased when GMBS traded for him because I liked Garza, and I was well set-up to be Clementate* Del for years.
      I warmed to Del a bit after seeing Trevor Plouffe's MS Paint Cartoon of him on his Plouffe! blog. (It was here.)

      *Joe Posnanski's term for "hating" athletes which isn't really a hate, based on many fans' (probably his own) feelings for Roger Clemens. It's not true hate, but symbolic, theatrical, and shallow. My feelings for Scioscia are a bit deeper because it's based on his sanctimony (though with distance... how much of his sanctimony was just theatrical?)

  1. My great-nephew, Talon Ping, again qualified for the Junior National Finals rodeo in the bareback competition. If anyone's interested in watching it, you can find the livestream here.

    1. Talon had a successful ride, scoring seventy-six points. I couldn't find the standings, and I wasn't keeping track of them, but I think that puts him somewhere around fifth or sixth place. They'll ride again on Saturday.

    1. He was off last year, but if he returns to 2017 form, it'll be a steal. Last 3 years, he has a 104 OPS+ and rates above average defensively. He'll be motivated to get a big payday at the end of '19 if he can return to All-Star level.

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