27 thoughts on “December 7, 2018: Now Hiring”

    1. I’m fine with a pillow contract for Schoop, but I hope they don’t think they are done making improvements in the infield. Torreyes seems redundant with Adrianza on the roster; neither is a real replacement for Escobar. Marwin Gonzalez, trendy though he might be, seems like a natural fit. Who plays third full time if Sanó is on the DL or ineffective? Astudillo?

      I’m still puzzled why they weren’t more heavily interested in Jean Segura.

      1. Adrianza had shoulder surgery so my interpretation is Torreyes is a backup for that. He was signed to a split contract and has one option year remaining.

  1. I had no idea what news the Cup topic was referring to. Stumbled upon a story. After reading his response to the situation, I'd love to see Kevin Hart host.

  2. If you have a moment, please send some good energy in the direction of central Illinois. My sister has been in the hospital for preterm labor since Tuesday and I just got word she'll have a C-section this afternoon--the baby will be 4.5 weeks early. Estimated weight is a little less than 5 pounds. My brother-in-law has been finishing his last week of classes as a math professor while also caring for their 6-year-old and 1-year-old. My parents are driving out today to help with whatever is needed and may end by staying there through December.

    1. Praying.
      Where in Central IL?
      (At first when you were asking for positive energy, I thought it had to do with a recent highway accident)

      1. Thanks for the reassurance. All went well, and the 5-pound baby girl is hanging out in the NICU--the nurses have pronounced her adorable.

        punman, they live near Peoria.

    1. Joe Nathan got my vote, though there are a number of good options.

      If I'm being honest, with a few more years in the booth, Gladden won't be a terrible option.

      1. I don't remember timing previously, but maybe it has to do with retiring No. 7 instead of just Twins HoF. I don't know, but it is kind of a slap in the face of Mauer that he isn't inducted the year after retiring when Hunter was. Mauer didn't announce his retirement till after the season, but you'd think the Twins would be anticipating that likelihood. I don't know how formal the process is of nominations.

  3. Hey Rows -- UP locomotive 4141 and the Heritage Fleet's Council Bluffs car will be on display at the TD Ameritrade Park spur Sunday from 2PM - 5PM. UP did well when it got its George Bush special locomotive together quick with the rest of the Heritage Fleet and provided the final transport of the president's body.

  4. Spookymilk, be warned that a viral nature photo contains an eel, and the adorable seal who believed an Internet meme that snorting it would create a buzz.

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