38 thoughts on “January 31, 2019: Just Checking”

  1. It's supposed to get into the teens today and into the thirties tomorrow. And then next week, five days in a row where it doesn't get above zero.

    1. We don't get the cold here, obviously, but we had several days of rain a little over a week ago that culminated with one day of rain that flooded my yard the worst I've seen since we moved here almost 18 years ago. Now we're looking at several days of rain again starting today with several inches total predicted and possible flash flooding. Fortunately, we dried out in between, but it's rare to get one of these storm systems in a winter rainy season, let alone 2.

  2. As I was walking from the bus stop to work, it looked as if the air was filled with sparkling ice crystals. I looked to the east and saw what looked like a vertical rainbow in the air, which I believe was a sundog.

      1. It's still a sundog if it's through diamond dust, right?
        I saw sundogs yesterday morning, looking over the River near my home.

          1. The description of diamond dust (which caused the sundog to appear) sounds exactly right. Thanks for that link!

          2. Diamond dust is the correct term. Spaceweather.com runs a lot of different types of light refraction photographs, and there is an amazing number of arcs, bars, and glows out there.

    1. Fun. Bummed that someone beat Joe Roa at 71. But Neshek is on the list*! (But not for a number he wore with the Twins)

        1. Also: 28, 40, 57, 61.
          Kindof bummed that my #77 didn't make it. But I didn't realize he only wore 77 in his last two seasons.
          Joe Medwick apparently wore 77 in 1940 and 41, but he also wore 7 in 1940 and 6 in 1941, so I wonder how many games he actually had to wear the ridiculous double hockey sticks.

  3. I read my kids (ages 6.9-15.6) Jack London's "To Build a Fire" last night... the first, shorter version, with the happy ending.
    Apparently I was the only one of the six of us who thought that was a good idea.
    They heard it as a horror story.

    I read the longer version with the unhappy ending on the way in. Dang that's cold! Seventy five below!

      1. In the first version, there is no dog, but there is a pack (with letters from the states for his campmates!).

        It was close to being a sad story for the dog, but the man was already too cold to use it for a Tauntaun rescue on him.
        (I had the Tauntaun toy with the rubber belly that split open so you could shove Luke Skywalker halfways into it.)

    1. Alas SelectShow
      1. That does not look like Anthony John with the brush cut. No stupid chinstrap, so probably not Flowers.

        Josh Phegley? That would put the timeframe at 2013-14.

        Paul Phillips? He played like 2 innings at catcher vs the Twins in September 2008 (but at Minnesota, so?? Are those road greys?).

  4. In the "Being a Wolves fan sucks, but it could always be worse just as bad" category: Porzingis appears to be heading to the Mavericks.

    1. Holy crap. I just saw that.

      Porzingas is a generational talent, like a next-gen Dirk. If they can re-sign him, that is a steal. If. Porzingas and Doncic is a great core. Harrison Barnes is a solid third scorer.

      1. It sucks that he's going to a mark Cuban owned team, but holy crap are Doncic and Porzingis gonna be fun together.

    2. Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler and the Sixers went into Golden State and ended a 10-game losing streak to the Warriors, and since they are in the East, it means pretty much no one on their current roster had beaten the Warriors as a Sixer. It was their first win at Golden State since 2011. Butler had a quiet night scoring wise, but I did notice he was the one bringing the ball up in the final minutes while protecting a lead.

      1. I admit to only half paying attention most of the game, but that was an impressive performance by Philly. They are for real as long as Jimmy Buckets decides to play team ball. I think they are a bit thin on outside shooting (besides JJ), but they have a lot of length, and Embiid is really, really, really good.

        Dubs were missing Klay, but you gotta give Philly credit.

        I think GS will continue to improve as Cousins rounds into shape. However, their margin over the rest of the league seems thinner than in years past.

        OTOH, the Lakers...I am really tired of seeing them on Every. GD. National. Broadcast. Weirdly, they were NOT a national game last night, despite it being LeBron's first game back.

      2. also, it should be noted that the Warriors gave up FORTY-TWO POINTS in the 4th last night, getting outscored by 16. Wow. That's...not championship play at home.

        Warriors got nothing out of their bench (other than Looney). That is unusual, and partially reflects Klay's absence. But if Livingston (-14 +/-) and Iguodala (-12) don't play well, they are going to struggle to win series in the playoffs.

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