35 thoughts on “February 19, 2019: Old”

  1. Speaking of old, my dad was released from the hospital yesterday. I wouldn't say he's well, but he's better than he was, so we're grateful for that. Your prayers are appreciated.

      1. with the complete lack of offseason activity (and the weirdly total and complete defending of the FO by pretty much all the writers/bloggers), i think it would be complete folly to leave the a-stud off the roster.

        1. and the weirdly total and complete defending of the FO by pretty much all the writers/bloggers

          This isn't weird at all. TC sports press specialize in carrying water for management regardless of sport, some worse than others (*cough* Wolfson *cough*)

  2. did my taxes last night. I have one more year of dealing with the complexities of 529 account distribution taxation (because of spring quarter). This is perhaps the most absurdly dysfunctional part of Turbotax. I have struggled EVERY YEAR to figure out how to determine what is taxable income coming from those distributions.

    Bottom line: there are millions of Americans who use 529s. Hundreds of thousands who send their kids away to school. And yet, the damn program is not designed to actually query you about qualified higher educational expenses (QHEE). If you read the instructions for dealing with (respectively) the 1099-Q and the 1098-T, you are told that room and board are not qualified educational expenses for deduction purposes (QEE). But they ARE for offsetting your withdrawls. So why the eff do I have to go into the damn worksheets in Turbotax to hand-enter the room and board expenses? I know I've screwed this up in past years, costing me hundreds in extra taxes.


  3. Pepper, thanks for the pretzel recipe. I made them this weekend with some help from the kids, and they were awesome. One of my favorite things I've made in a while, and the kids loved getting to shape them.

    Had them with some knockwurst, bratwurst, and this braised cabbage. Delicious.

    1. I'm so happy to hear this! My kids aren't as interested in cooking/baking as I wish they were, but they're always happy to help shape the pretzels.

    1. I'm hearing 10 years/$300M. From the Padres. I think a lot of Twins fans are going to be upset by their lack of spending this offseason after seeing the Padres commit to this.

  4. A work-in-progress for me. Can anyone guess what this baseball-related map corresponds to? (Sorry the lines in the Midwest are a little confusing. Clearing them up is part of the "in progress" part)


      1. Dammit. I ran through so many possibilities in my head and didn't get him. For some reason, my brain still always starts with Mike Morgan when considering that topic.

  5. Given the title of today's cup, I am proud to note (per Chris Jaffe) that today I am exactly as old as Cy Young the day he threw a perfect game (13,551 days).

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