2019 Game 16: Toronto @ Minnesota

Buchholz vs Pineda

Tortuga behind the dish in place of Castro and batting 7th (bumping Schoop down a spot), but otherwise the lineup looks like last evening’s successful bunch.

Pindeda’s innings pitched in his first three starts have gone 4, 5 & 6. Rocco & the Bullpen certainly wouldn’t mind if he continued that trend with 7 (or 8 or 9) innings this afternoon.

Salvage the Split!!!

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        1. Same. I'm glad I was able to get my phone on the company wireless so I wasn't wasting data on that inning.

  1. Just looking at the play-by-play it looks like Rocco left Pineda in too long. But on the other hand, it's easy to say that after I already know the result. If Rocco had known the result, he'd probably have done things differently, too.

    1. 2 of the hits in the inning were pop-ups that fell in for hits. All the runs scored on legitimate hits that were well hit, but if either of those pop-ups were caught, you could argue that Pineda would have been out of the inning in a tie game or even with a lead. Now, maybe it would have just delayed the Jays just an inning or 2 from scoring those runs, but it was still 3-3 with 2 outs in the 4th inning and Pineda was only at 70-some pitches. With the way our bullpen has been and how many games in a row we have coming up, I wasn't thinking Pineda should come out until the 3-run double. Just wasn't his day. It happens, especially coming off Tommy John, but I wouldn't blame the managerial decision on it.

    1. Not much fastball velocity, but his curveball delivers about a 20 mph differential, so the change in speeds is significant.

  2. I probably won't have time to do a game recap, but Ryne Harper is definitely a pitching star.

    1. I had a friend tell me in the early 00's he'd just seen them play somewhere. "He sounded just like he did on the album, man." I was like, "Err..."

  3. Not sure why May is in rather than letting Duff-man go another inning. Just want to get him some work in a less stressful situation, maybe?

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