42 thoughts on “May 12, 2019: Night Moves”

  1. The Twins used their fifth and sixth starters yesterday and got six innings out of each, with each giving up just three runs. Yes, it was against the Tigers, but that's still pretty good.

  2. I’m no fan of a 13-man pitching staff, but Adrianza’s (17 OPS+!) continued presence on the active roster is one of the great mysteries of our time.

    1. Yeah with Tortuga back and Gonzalez okay, it's even more baffling. Maybe they feel he's still capable of his usual 85 OPS+ but even then there has to be someone else worth having.

    2. When you have the chance to keep a 29 year old futility infielder without exposing him to waivers you have to take it.

    3. How about not pinch-hitting for him in the first game yesterday. I guess they really didn't want Polanco to play a single inning that game.

  3. Put the most recent Half-Baked Hall post back on the main page for a day or so before open voting.

  4. The winner of the WGOM EPL Prediction Contest 2018-19: hungry joe! I hope this year got him watching more soccer

    Final scores:

    hungry joe 26
    Dread Pirate 23
    Philosofer 22
    rowsdower 21
    davidwatts 20
    freealonzo 18
    New Brighton Bo 14
    nibbish 13

    hungry joe nailed the correct spots for Man City, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Burnley, and Brighton
    freealonzo nailed the top four, but struggled with all the teams that didn't qualify for Europe

  5. I'm snake methoding some mother's day ribs today. I let my daughter pouch the wood so we're using Applewood.

      1. I made a bourbon BBQ sauce last night to go with them, too. This will be a delicious evening.

        1. I got a nice NY strip. Will grill along with some salmon for surf-n-turf, along side green beans and black beans.

          1. I was the expeditor for lunch and dinner at the joint. Served 550 ppl. Came in at 9 and left at 9. I think I got 5 minutes to scarf down a Philly Beefsteak somewhere throughout the chaos. The dogs are a barkin' this morning.

              1. Those days are always fun to look back on a few days later, but I am getting a bit long in the tooth for a day like that.

                1. I've always advocated for an Army Reserve type program, but for old bartenders/servers. I would love to go back and do that again. But for, like, one weekend a month.

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    2. We've all seen the replay by now. But it's fun to listen to it as well with no video. It's amazing how it takes to go from "is this the dagger?" to "oooooooohhhhh!" Plus how quiet it gets, you can hear the ball bouncing on the rim.

        1. That Bob Newhart looking m'fer is great. (left side, just to the right of the backboard.)

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  6. Speaking of Night Moves, the termites are swarming something fierce. Be glad you don't live in the swamp, folks.

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