Third Monday Movie Day: The (Other) Big One Edition

I understand there was this little arthouse show on television last night. Feel free to discuss, though probably best to use the Spoiler function for now.

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  1. GoT

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  2. I also saw movies!

    Newbish is at the point where he's really starting to enjoy full length movies, and the dreariness of the weekend made it the perfect time to watch a couple (and play some Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past with him, which was a million kinds of joyful for me.

    * The Secret Life of Pets is right about what you expect it to be. Louis C.K. lends a little bit of unwelcome cringe to the whole proceedings, which is doubly annoying, because he doesn't really add anything to the movie, anyway. Along with the new Jumanji movie, it's one of the two things where I can see any appeal at all in Kevin Hart's manic energy, though. Just sort of.... there.

    * The Good Dinosaur is Pixar's first (and so far, only) box office bomb. I can sort of see why. The writing is fine and the animation is unbelievable (seriously, it's one of the most visually stunning animated movies I've seen), but something is definitely missing. The voice acting might be part of it. The fact that you're constantly reminded that you've seen all of these storytelling pieces in other movies doesn't help. Sam Elliott as a rancher tyrannosaur definitely DOES help, though.

  3. *steps over all the GoT content*

    Barry: This was the only finale I watched last night. I've decided to completely ignore any basis in reality of criminal investigation for this show, and it's made me enjoy it a lot more. Hader (and Berg) have done a great job with the show and it's fun to watch, but I haven't crossed over to the love for it I've seen online. It's a fun show, but it's not amazing, especially with as much as it strains at believability.

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    Also, if you're a lifelong Stephan Root fan as I am, this has been a great showcase for his talents.

    Chernobyl: This has been faaaaaaantastic top to bottom so far. Visually striking, well-written, and superbly casted and acted. If this is your thing, I would also recommend the official companion podcast (so far just with the creator/writer and host Peter Segal) as it breaks down how they translated it to the screen (what's true, what's pretty true, what's not exactly true but was done to convey the truth, etc.).

  4. Last month a friend & I were discussing the Criterion Channel. I remarked that I’d love to subscribe, but wondered if I could justify the fee given how many films I’m likely to see in a month. He said we already had institutional access to Criterion’s catalog through Kanopy, which was news to me. Turns out we don’t have full access — what we have doesn’t include my two favorite films in Criterion’s catalog — but we can stream nearly 400 Criterion films. Since that revelation, I have watched Chaplin’s Sunnyside (1919) & rewatched Tirez sur le Pianiste (Shoot the Piano Player) (1960). I’m going to try to alternate feature-length films (including some of the great documentaries in Kanopy’s catalog) with silent films, since there are quite a few Chaplin, Buster Keaton, & Harold Llyod films I haven’t yet watched. If your local or institutional library has access to Kanopy, check it out.

    On the smaller screen, I started watching Babylon Berlin with Mrs. Hayes, also recently finished Season 5 of Bosch, which I continue to enjoy quite a bit.

  5. Non GoT stuff:

    I watched Deadpool 2 and Pacific Rim: Uprising last weekend. DP2 was hilarious, especially Domino. "Luck" as a super power was used to excellent comedic effect. PR:U was alright. It was entertaining but no where near as amazing as the first one, even though John Boyega is a much, much better actor than Charlie Hunman. (and seriously, they should have let Boyega use his natural accent in Star Wars.) The final boss battle was pretty cool. The soundtrack was noticeably not as badass without Ramin Djawadi doing it, though.

  6. It hasn't been talked about much here lately (I think, I'm not going to check) but the Deadwood movie will have its HBO premiere on May 31, which is a Friday. Maybe we can do another one of these two Monday's from now. I seem to recall that there are a lot of Deadwood fans too.

    1. Oh, deadwood is in, like, my top three series which includes the wire and some other show. I’ve never, ever, even thought about planning an evening around a tv show, but I know what I’m doing on Friday the 31st.

  7. Iron Man, Captain America, Iron Man 2. I'm a little late to the game on this Marvel business, but I'll get to the Endgame eventually.

    1. I did also just re-watch the Iron Man movies as well as the first Avengers. (did a re-watch of the Cap'n movies a couple months ago.) Man, Iron Man 2 really is a turd. I didn't really like 3 that much the first time I saw it, but I liked it a lot more on this re-watch. A case could probably be made that its a better movie that the first one, though with nowhere near as many iconic scenes.

      Definitely do Winter Solider next. It's really, really good.

      1. I couldn't get into IM3. Too much depressed super hero stuff. I prefer cocky super hero.

        1. I liked those parts, even the first time, and I think all of that helped push his character forward heading into the rest of the Avengers movies. My biggest issue when I initially watched it was the villian bait and switch, but re-watching it in its context as more of a humbling experience for Tony made that whole thing less important. Plus, Ben Kingsley's Tony Slattery was great.

          1. Although I like the MCU, I'm a bigger fan of the individual character movies than The Avengers.

        2. Too much depressed super hero

          But it is part of the Marvel+DC shtick. I remember from the comics that most of the SH's are brooding, depressed and carrying load's of baggage.

          1. That's why Spider-man was the best. Just a kid trying to be funny.

            That really spoke to me. For some reason.

  8. I almost forgot, I did watch Venom recently as well, and you know, it wasn't nearly as bad as its reputation would have indicated. I actually liked it, not least of all because Tom Hardy sounded weird as hell.

      1. Well, I mean, yeah. But still. I'm not saying it was great, just that I enjoyed it and Tom Hardy had a lot to do with that.

    1. I'm a few episodes behind but enjoying it. The sense of humor reminds me of the Norsemen on Netflix.

  9. Uh I've watched a lot lately, let's see...

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum: Everything I'd hoped for, more or less. Can't wait to watch it again.
    Detective Pikachu: Plot was pretty basic, but I got to see tons of good Pokémon buddies on the screen, and it was worth it for that.
    Avengers: Endgame: Didn't feel like 3 hours, surprisingly. It was pretty good. I'm not thrilled with every decision they made, but it's damn impressive they pulled off what they did.
    Shazam!: Everyone in this movie is having the time of their lives, and it is all the better for it.
    Tuca & Bertie Season 1: Even better than I could have hoped. It's hilarious and still packs an pretty solid emotional punch. I've watched the entire season two times, both times in essentially one sitting. The best thing Netflix has put out in years.
    I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 1: Very enjoyable sketch comedy. Not every sketch hits, but the highs are extremely high. The show being six episodes of around 15 minutes each makes it a very easy watch. I'll probably watch this pretty regularly.

    I've also been watching the new season of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas as it airs. This season is about schools. It's an excellent show, and by far my favorite funny "current events" type show.

  10. Just finished Season 6, Episode 9 of GOT, "Battle of the Bastards."

    I am aware of complaints that exist about the final season/seasons. Let me just say that I think some of these criticisms should have started earlier. Some real head-scratchers in said battle.

    1. They did.

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      1. Yes, that.

        But also: SelectShow
    2. Truthfully, a lot of those complaints begin to crop up in season 6, and start showing up in earnest in season 7.

      Not to say that there aren't some extremely good episodes, but....yeah.

      1. In an article published before the finale, academic Zeynep Tufekci notes that Game Of Thrones was once a rare TV show to focus on sociological storytelling, whereby the heroes had to cope with being cogs in a much bigger political machine that didn't care about their feelings and ambitions. But the further the show drifted from the books, the more it shifted to a typical Hollywood psychological story, where the heroes only fight the eye-patch-wearing bad guys because they killed their best friend, and they don't have to, say, deal with the Kingsguard staging a coup because they haven't been paid since Tywin Lannister died.

  11. Watched Wind River last night. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olson. Pretty good flick. I had never heard of it, but it was reviewed well online. We also watched Rim of the World. Which was basically The Goonies with an alien invasion setting. I was really confused with this movie. The main characters are 13 years old, but 3 out of the 4 look like they are 10. It had a lot of adult language and innuendo for a movie seeming to be targeting children. If it was actually targeting adults, it was brutally bad in the writing, casting and acting.

  12. GoT Finale text convo w/ brother

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  13. Before I read anyone else's takes, here's my general thoughts on the end of GOT:

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      Is there's one thing, though, that I think everyone can agree on it's the Euron Greyjoy is one of the worst characters to have a television screen over the past 50 years (I'll accept arguments for Craig in parks and rec, though).

      1. I will absolutely defend Craig in Parks & Rec. Partially because they gave him just the right amount of screen time, and didn't belabor the point. Much more would have been a problem, but what he had was brief enough to serve the show, and I laughed enough times.

        But yes, on Euron

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    2. I pretty much agree. I think an extra episode's worth of material could have filled in the gaps where a character's motivations would have been more obvious

      1. Yeah, I think everyone is spot on with that. Even just one more episode could have covered so many of the failings.

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