34 thoughts on “May 22, 2019: New Trend?”

    1. do the wheels spin to drive propellers, or is the drive train directly attached to propellers or some other means of acceleration?

    1. Man, I'm not sure how you're feeling, but I'm excited about the Blues making it to the finals. I've never been a huge hockey fan, but this postseason is pulling me in. St. Louis sports teams have a lot of recent history with Boston teams (2004/2013 MLB, 2002 Super Bowl), plus the fact that the last time the Blues made the Finals they lost to Boston.

      Beating the Sharks was another huge achievement for the Blues and a great Demon exorcised. It seems so many times the Sharks have had the Blues number, so beating them feels like the Twins beating the Yankees.

      Not that I needed any distraction from the Twins, but I'm stoked for this series.

    1. Took long enough for it to be posted -- looks like it was written 40 AB ago, and lines like these make me scratch my head:

      Management does not seem to have complete confidence in him as a catcher, preferring the experience of Jason Castro, or the promise of Mitch Garver.

      1. Yeah, the whole thing seems to be written by someone who just became aware of WA and is trying to get caught up.

    1. TOD was great. The subsequent work all boils down to his shorthand of (1) eat real food; (2) not too much; (3) mostly plants.

  1. I spent a little over two hours watching the jalapeno's baseball game last night, and while I won't say it wasn't fun, I'm really excited about staying indoors today!

  2. Howdy, folks. I’ve had an eventful couple of months. Laid off a week before my birthday, traveling almost nonstop, getting as sick as I’ve been in 10 years, landing a new gig... So I haven’t spent a lot of time at a computer which is where I do most of my visiting. Hope you’re all well!

    On a semi-related note: are any of y’all going to the Mauer retirement game?

  3. Carter Stewart could be an interesting test case for just how much the player’s union hates young talent. Considering they primarily represent the interests of 10 free agents per year, and otherwise agree to a system where players are underpaid for the first six years of their career (never mind that most careers are shorter than that) and sit idly by while thousands of minor league ballplayers make less than minimum wage, I half expect them to stipulate in the next CBA that Stewart still has to go through the draft and will be forced to donate his signing bonus to Mike Trout.

    1. Right, I can't see MLB and the union not cracking down on this.

      Random thought: I wonder if he would have to go through the posting system to play in the MLB.

      1. I believe one of the articles I read mentioned that he would, and that if he's not posted, he's subject to the same 6(?) year waiting period that all NPB players.

    2. The BA story about his supposedly falling stock is hilarious to me. The kid has dominated against FL juco competition (1.84 ERA and 96:23 K:BB in 68.1 innings) but that makes him "more inconsistent"? Oy.

      So, more information and dominating performance makes him less desirable? Or could it be...Boras???

      1. I read there were health concerns and that's why he didn't sign with the Braves. I can't comment on inconsistency until see the game-by-game breakdown.

        1. Something something wrist anomaly something. Sounded like negotiating tactics by the Braves.

    1. Our plane into Burbank had what felt like a "near miss" lightning strike on descent 45 minutes ago.

    2. I was close enough to a strike while driving home from work today that the thunder rattled the car a bit.

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